Saturday, January 22, 2011

happy birthday, mykell!!

saturday morning, we loaded up the car and got ready for a fun-filled day of birthday party hopping and basketball watching. our first adventure out was to I-Jump off of 280 for cousin mykell's 6th birthday party. the girls were really excited since they freakin love pump it up and this place is very similar...just a bunch of huge inflatables and a good time. i have to admit though, that this place was packed and much more chaotic that what i'm use to. for example, in one of the inflatable mazes, both abby and lyla didn't know how to get out. so picture if you will...jay and i are yelling at them trying to direct them out. abby gets frustrated and scared and starts crying. we tell her to follow the footsteps and she's good to go...but then lyla stops following her, gives up, and just lays down inside the float. it was hysterical. we laughed so hard because we knew how annoyed all of us were starting to get. soon one of the staff members climbs inside the tight maze and rescues little lyla out. needless to say, our white baby never re-entered that maze. here are some pics...after playing and going down the huge slides only a couple of hundred times, it was time to move into the party room where we all ate pizza, cake, and sang happy birthday to mykell. we chatted with family and later, nan came in for a sneak attack of tickles to lyla bug. all in all, it was a crazy fun time with lots of giggles and shot nerves. thank you for having us, and happy birthday, mykell!!