Friday, January 7, 2011

moms night out

friday night, karla maria, stacy, and i headed over to becca's house for our monthly moms night out/bunco/lame bitches get-together. i don't even know what we call it anymore, but it sure is fun and by golly, much needed. we arrived around 7:00pm with a dish to share. we talked and talked and talked all night long. it's like therapy to be able to get out for a bit for good conversation with moms who are all on the same page...because let's me honest, as much as we love our hubbies and kiddies, it sure is nice to make fun of them while they're not there. later in the night, we made fun of stacy for eating all of the cucumbers off the baguettes that tracey brought. as for me, i was hooked to selena's taco dip. it was soooo yummy! overall, a great night out with the girls.