Sunday, January 9, 2011

snowpacolypse 2011 (cont)

sunday morning we all wake up to a winter wonderland. the snow had stuck but was now covered with a layer of thick ice. abby was itching to go out as soon as she woke up. lyla on the other hand, overslept till about 10:00am...long night before for that little bit. so daddy and abby get ready and go out to play while i stay inside with lyla. as soon as abby started walking down the front of our stairs, she busts, jumps back up, and says, "weee, that was fun!" love it. they walk over to play with all the other kiddos running around. they made it to coach brake's house where they piled up all the kids on these old ginormous signs and push them down the driveway. jay said they did this repeatedly and abby loved it. later, abby played with marissa and lauren, as well as meghan and mary katherine. they played outside for hours. hip, hip, hooray for a snow day even though it was 90% ice in which my preggo self didn't want to slip and fall on...which is what would have definitely happened!