Thursday, January 6, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) "If you can give your son or daughter only one gift, let it be enthusiasm." -Bruce Barton

2.) My kitchen table looks like a craft store...EXPLODED.

3.) Fact: The worst part about wrapping gifts is realizing your arms are not long enough to finish cutting off the top part of the paper. #Augh

4.) The mabster ran out of the bathroom and told Daddy, "I just dropped some big heat!" #OhYesSheDid

5.) I hope that whoever graffitied over the "You are Beautiful" that is displayed on the Highland bridge received coal for Christmas. #BooOnYou

6.) RT @capricecrane: "Playboy's Hugh Hefner, 84, Engaged to 24-year-old Playmate." He has hemorrhoids old enough to be her parents.

7.) Can't make it to the gym today. Guess I'd better start my reps with the Shake Weight. #BestXmasPresentEver

8.) Too many people are knocked up right now. Don't they know what causes this!? #BabyBumpsAreHawt

9.) My most favoritest things is using my kids to call Daddy and guilt him into eating lunch with us. #DaughterPressuresABitch

10.) RT @capricecrane: I just got an email from MySpace asking me "where I've been." Answer: 2010

11.) Lyla blames everything on Big Sis. For example, Me: "Who made this mess?" L: "Abby." Me: "Lyla, who pooped in your diaper?" L: "Abby." #<3it

12.) De-decorating. #FarewellChristmas #Exhale

13.) Umm, bathing suits are already out at Target...and easter candy? have got to be kidding me... #WhatTheWhat!?

14.) OMG. I'm going to kill a man named Braxton Hicks and everything associated with him.

15.) Just got back from a surprise 30th birthday party where the kids partied harder than we did. #GettingOldAndLovinEverySecond

16.) The sun hasn't even begun to set and my kids are already wearing out these blowers... #HappyNewYearBitches

17.) RT @capricecrane: If the eyes are the windows to the soul, there are a lot of bloodshot souls today.

18.) Overslept & woke up to fresh baked cinnamon rolls made by Hubs. What a lovely way to start the year off right. #Hello2011 #NYD

19.) This pregnancy's odd craving? Orange Juice. #CantGetEnough

20.) After weeks upon weeks (what feels like at least), I finally have the whole house to myself. Hubs at work, girls in school, life is good.

21.) If there were a contest for the best nose picker in the world, my child would win. Hands down. #OneDialAwayFromCallingIntervention

22.) RT @capricecrane- Snooki: "I Used to Black Out and Wake Up in Garbage Cans Monthly." Oscar the Grouch: "Didn't touch her. Not once."

23.) Watching the UAB vs. Duke basketball game on #ESPN2 and looking for Hubs & friends in the crowd. #MeJealous #GoBlazers