Thursday, January 13, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Loves how 10 mins after I eat something, baby Jemma kicks around like cuh-razy. It's like her own little "thank you" from inside my uterus.

2.) I could not live up north. I would die. Wither up and die. Is it lake season yet!? #SeriouslySerious

3.) Never thought I'd say this, but today I'm envious of those w/ jobs. Need a routine back & outta this house. School/dance need to open STAT!!

4.) Pedicure: Because even though I can't see those little piggies, they should still be taken care of & looking pretty.

5.) Has arrived 30 minutes early to a Teddy Bear Tea Party because I didn't double-check the time. Early nonetheless. #HellHathFrozenOver

6.) It's in their job description. @YankeBell: Sometimes people I love really annoy me. #serenitynow

7.) my white baby is still asleep. oddly enough, this is wonderful yet scary all at the same time. #WakeUpALilSusieWakeUp #ImGoingIn

8.) It's almost Teeeeeeeshirt Tiiiiiiiiime!!! #JerseyShoreTonight

9.) Cleaning house. So Hubs thinks I've done something while he's been gone. Ya know, other than keep the kids alive. Which is also VERY important.

10.) I love and appreciate how my girls play so well together (most days) and how they can entertain themselves (most days) when I feel like poo.

11.) Hungry with a side of headache. #Fantastic

12.) 7 months preggo and i have officially entered into the "Oh Em Gee, i don't even have enough room to expand my lungs and breathe." it's not pretty guys. nope. not one bit. although Hubs thinks it's hilarious. damn him for doing this to me.

13.) Today marks the return of so many wonderful things: the sun, school, dance class, a routine, & my sanity. Let us rejoice & be glad in it.

14.) so lyla fell asleep around 5:30pm. she was exhausted. we let her sleep for about an hour and then woke her up. she immediately headed to the door downstairs, said "i'm ready" and walked down to daddy's car. she thought she was going to school. jay even went through the routine of putting her in her carseat and buckling her up. needless to say, she was upset that it wasn't morning time...i love that kid.

13.) two young mormon boys just knocked on my front door...i have now raised the threat level to orange.

14.) At Five Guys with my favorite guy & it looks like everyone and their mother had the same idea. i heart lunch dates.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Wow - 7 months?!?!? That sweet baby Jemma is going to be here before we know it.

Kim said...

i know, anne!! i can't wait to meet her.