Thursday, January 20, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Fact: One can never posses too many magnets on the fridge. #AlreadyNeedMore

2.) Just discovered leftover ultrasound gel inside my belly button from this morning's appointment. #Ewwww

3.) I tell ya, it takes Hubs no time to completely disorganize our walk-in closet. No time at all. #WorseThanAWoman

4.) I fear we have a cutter in the house. The short one just wants to cut paper up into tiny little pieces all day, every day. #NewNicknameIsEmo

5.) RT @anjeanettec: If you have to order the new Starbucks "Trenta" size, it's time to admit that your life has become unmanageable.

6.) Hubs and I have taken our bed back this past week or so. Let the movie marathon commence...

7.) That said, while the girls are asleep we've been staying up a bit later and have watched: Shutter Island, Pelham 123, He's Just Not That Into You (and why yes, it was my turn to pick so i chose a goody chick-flick and tortured jay with was actually pretty good. hehe.), Law Abiding Citizen, and we started season 1 of Weeds (hilarious, but i hope my kids never watch this kind of crap tv and think it's "the norm"). all in all, it's been awesome. did i mention back rubs are included?

8.) Big Bertha steered herself off the deluxe car wash track today. Luckily, the car behind her didn't hit us because I'm crafty like that.

9.) FYI: An AOII from UAB is representing Alabama in the "Miss America Pageant." #AlphaLoveAndRoses #GoBlazers

10.) On days like today, I wish my munchkins still napped. #SilenceIsGoldenButDuctTapeIsSilver

11.) Dear #MTV's "I Use To Be Fat"...after I pop out this last puppy, call me. #ItsOnBitches

12.) lyla's walking around with arms full of babydolls singing, "shake, shake, shake babies..." #NothingGoodCanComeOfThis

13.) Lunch date with Hubs at #Newks for the first time ever. Chappy's now has competition (gasp). #IHeartSandwiches

14.) RT @anjeanettec: Man pulls shotgun on McDonald's drive-thru, demands food for his pregnant wife. It's so nice to see that chivalry isn't dead after all.

15.) #TLC's "My Strange Addiction:" I like to eat my couch cushions. WTF!? #CantMakeThisStuffUp

16.) If the mabster sneezes in a different room and I don't hear her, she hunts me down to say, "Momma, you didn't say "Bless you.'" #OhOkayMyBad

17.) I believe my neighbor's snowman is battling "manorexia"....and he's losing the fight.

18.) Just left my 29 week preggo appointment. Passed my 1 hour glucose test (thank you sweet baby Jesus) and baby Jemma is measuring right on track at 2 lbs. 15 oz. Can't wait to meet her sweet face!!

19.) I've recently discovered a flat iron for my hair. I think I'm in love...

20.) Lyla is developing a British accent. Too much Mary Poppins?