Saturday, January 22, 2011

uab vs. memphis

after our last birthday party, we headed straight over to bartow arena to watch the blazers take on the memphis tigers in a game of basketball. tip off was at 6:00pm. we arrived early and snagged our seats and some popcorn. our seats were with tita karla, uncle tre, carson, gina, and rocco. tita karmie, karen, and lisa were only a few rows back from us. the game was a close one especially towards the end. to no surprise, we ended up in overtime and lost the game which only confirms how much uab fans are sick of the coaching from mike davis...we made 2 out of 23 three-pointers and he keeps wanting to play the same play!? augh. i digress. all in all, we should have brought home the "W" and not the heartache. oh well. at least the girls were having a blast dancing around and being silly with the music that the band kept playing so not all was lost. GOO BLAZERS!!