Saturday, February 26, 2011

OLS Mardi Gras Gala

saturday night marked a hot date night in celebration of the girls' school's mardi gras themed gala. a naw'lins style dinner was provided and catered by the irondale cafe, there was a live jazz band, and both a silent and active auctions. once we signed in, we were given mardi gras beads and some festive flair along with $500 play money in which we could use at the casino. we browsed around the numerous tables and made some bids on different items, as well as socialized with the other parents. the funniest thing all night was realizing once i got home that a 6 pack of various soda drinks were in my purse along with a girdle. all of which were not mine. let's just say someone hit up the cash bar a bit much, but it wasn't me. all in all, we really enjoyed our night...this school stuff is super fun. go warriors!! :P

happy birthday, rocco!!

saturday morning, we headed over to total baseball in homewood in honor of rocco's 3rd birthday. we were all excited to see how this party would pan out considering our girls have never played t-ball/baseball/softball/whatever. once we got there, a game was already in session. both girls jumped right in and went up to bat. abby hit the ball backwards and it hit the umpire. as for lyla, she hit the ball and then ran to third base. i swear i haven't laughed that hard in awhile. they were both having a blast though with no concept of the game. i'm really hoping t-ball will be in their future just not this summer. no ma'am, not with a newborn...we'll be at the lake. overall, it was a great birthday party!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

dinner with friends

thursday night, bluemomma and family invited us over for dinner around 6:00pm. she wanted to do something special in honor of jaydoug's birthday since they couldn't make it to his party last month. how sweet is that? TB even had a sign awaiting for the special boy. jay grabbed BM's old lady (err i mean, bifocals) glasses and posed for a pic. it was hilarious.

of course when anyone offers up to cook for us, we always gladly accept. always. so she cooked a yummy lasagna, garlic bread, and we brought a salad. the best was yet to come though...for dessert, she cooked a delicious peanut butter chocolate cake (jay's favorite). it was so scrumptious that they let us take the remaining of the cake home. score. the kiddos played together and all in all, it was a good night spent with great friends. thank you so much for having us, we love you guys!

thursday's thoughts

1.) "All I am I owe to my mother." ~George Washington #PresidentsDay

2.) Mamaw's chicken-n-dumplins: Love in my mouth.

3.) RT@JamieBeach: If Facebook had a WTF button, I'd click it far more often than Like.

4.) I am BEYOND grateful to be a stay at home mom especially during this last pregnancy because i'm no gonna lie, i have never been this exhausted. some times when i get home after running errands, taking the girls to and from, etc., i could nearly pass out once i reach the top of my stairs. thankfully, abby and lyla play SO.DAMN.GOOD. together. it amazes me. i lay down and rest, they play. lyla wants juice, abby gets it for her. #ThankGodForSiblings

5.) Woke up this morning with green snot and nasal congestion... #TGIFBuddy #Fantastic

6.) In the words of my girls, "Yaaaaaaay, Laaaaaaaaake!!!!" #ThisIsMyHappyPlace

7.) There is no better feeling than getting tan for the first time after a long winter. #SGP

8.) Dear Lyla, I know you love your Mondays at school...but 5:00am? Really? #MommyNeedsMoreSleep

9.) RT@capricecrane: If you say to me, "No, and here's why..." you can be absolutely certain that I stopped listening after the "no" part.

10.) Dear Nurse, please call me back ASAP...this momma has to piss something fierce. Don't be surprised if my cupeth overfloweth. #TeeHeeHee

11.) My cute young nurse just came in & gave me PB crackers & diet coke since I have yet to eat. Wonder if I can take her home with me? #Spoiled

12.) RT@CC: Governments toppling...economic crisis...natural disasters...but much more importantly: JUSTIN BIEBER GOT A HAIRCUT!!!

13.) Life is all about choosing to dance when you'd rather be standing against the wall. #SGP

14.) The mabster thinks words like "hate," "lame," and "stupid" are super bad words. Admittedly, if that's what she thinks is going to get her into big trouble if said...i applaud the little lady. #InstillTheFearWhileStillYoung

15.) RT@capricecrane: Twitter spoils us. If only we could limit people in real life to 140 characters or less.

16.) This day has been wonderful. Now for cleaning up before Hubs comes home & says, "Sweetie, shouldn't you be nesting or something?" #FunnyMan

17.) Done with the nesting (which oddly enough included cleaning out through Hub's sock drawer). Now time for what really matters: resting. #OuchSciaticNerve

18.) I'm sure the neighborhood boys playing basketball right now are thoroughly enjoying my 4 y/o's loud singing & dancing routine. #Whattayagonnado

19.) My whole house has fallen asleep before 8:30pm. Where the fack am I and who took my family!? #LetMeTimeBegin

20.) Beware: Every horrendous driver in the state of Alabama is on the roads today. I kid you not. #wtf

21.) Got a note from doc that said, "Conserve energy and avoid fatigue." It made me laugh uncontrollably. Wonder if he'll watch my kiddos for me? #HateToBeNoncompliant

22.) When Lyla repeatedly tells me that she "wants to eat dog," it makes me chuckle. Because I know she wants a hot dog. #ShesFilipinoNotJapanesePeople

23.) Lunch dates and back rubs are what make the world go round. #Fact

24.) Why is it that every time I get the dreaded letter home about head lice going around in my kid's school, my head immediately starts to itch? #PsychosomaticMuch?

25.) as of late, everyone has been asking me, "how are you feeling?" my response: "uncomfortable and exhausted." i may not look it considering i've only gained a total of 8 pounds throughout this whole pregnancy, but i swear she's growing faster than ever now. then they'll ask, "are you ready?" my response: "ready as i'll ever be!" i no longer want to feel the swift kicks that wake me up in the middle of the night, instead i'm ready for the cuddles of a sleeping newborn baby, and yes, the crying and feedings that are with the packaged deal. i just want to saturate myself in all things BAY-BEE knowing she is our last. sweet baby jemma, we can't wait to finally meet you in about ONE.MORE.MONTH!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wordless wednesday

so abby brought home this picture that she colored from school on Presidents Day. nice looking picture of ole george, eh? but notice if you will that he's rocking some awesome different colored fingernails. yup, my 4 year old seems to think that even our first president had enough style to pull of a pretty mani. nice.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

playdate with the classmates

rewind if you will: abby has dance class with a handful of the same girls who are in her same class at school. the first day we all realized this, i knew good times were ahead. so she's been having playdates with friends brooke, lila, and meredith. the girls get along great as well as us moms. it's wonderful really.

so after dance class, shannon had planned to host a playdate for the girls at her nearby house. siblings were allowed to come as well and everyone had a great time. as soon as we arrived we all ate lunch, let the kiddos play in the coolest playroom ever and then later outside. the weather was amazing and so was the company. thanks for having us, and we can't wait to do it again! here are some pics...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

laid back weekend at the lake

this weekend, we decided to head up to the lake since we had nothing else planned (an extreme rarity nowadays). we knew the weather was going to be awesome (mid-70s) and wanted to take advantage of just being in God's country and at a slower pace.

saturday, we arrived at mamaw's where she made us some yummy chicken-n-dumplins. pawpaw was also there for a short bit while jay worked on his four-wheeler and the girls played outside. later we headed down to the lakehouse where we spent the night. we practically stayed in the same outfits the whole weekend and straight up slummed it. it was oh so nice.

around sunday afternoon, karla, tre, and carson came up as well. karla and i laid out on the dock and got some much needed vitamin D while chatting and listening to some great tunes on my ipod. after wards, we all headed back to the farmhouse again where mamaw made us our 2nd favorite meal (chx, mac-n-chz casserole). the kids played outside and picked daffodils that were growing all in the front yard. all in all, it was a laid back weekend at the if only jay's boat was ready to get out on the water and cruise around. ahh, one fine day...and hopefully soon.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Someone crop dusted in the valentines aisle. Now nothing about the candy, teddy bears, & flowers smell sweet or pretty at all. #ShamefulAndJustWrong

2.) Daddy is teaching the toddler when it is appropriate to say, "My bad, dude" and "Sweet." #LoveMyLyla

3.) Special Spa Sunday: 90 minutes prenatal full body massage. #HappyValentinesDayToMe #BestHubsEver

4.) HA! i get like that too some times. that button is dangerous. @YankeBell I have liked everything possible on FB tonight. #feelingaccomplised

5.) Still waiting to hear from twinkie on whether I'm going to have a niece or another nephew. The suspense is absolutely killing me. #TickTockTickTock It's a BOY!!

6.) Lost my sunglasses. On a day like today, that is completely unacceptable. #BooHiss

7.) Today I am sporting flip-flops for 3 reasons: my pedicure still looks decent, the weather is amazingly warm & my feet are starting to swell. #ProProCon

8.) If there is a way to get hurt whether it be by bruises, scraps, or profuse Lyla will find it. #SerenityNow #AccidentProneOne

9.) Cleaned out Big Bertha & both girls' rooms today. Shouldn't take any time for them to completely destroy'em all over again. Like...tomorrow.

10.) It's the perfect day for ice cream and the park! #LoveThisWeather #HappyValentinesDay

11.) Daddy brought home surprises 4 girls, one of which consisted of a huge singing balloon. Super cute initially. However now I want to pop it.

12.) Absolutely adores the scent of fresh air coming through our opened windows. Reminds me so much of my childhood. #PlzStickAround70Degrees

13.) 4 year old woke up complaining that her eyebrows hurt... #OhHappyDay

14.) why the fack does a man fart and then minutes later move the blanket to smell it as if he is validating his disgustingness? #MajorGrossage

15.) Pleased to know that baby Jemma is getting her aerobics class in this morning. Go ahead and stretch out there, little lady. #CrazyActive

16.) Parents are headed down to #ToomersCorner to take some pics before the trees meet their untimely death. #ThxBamaRedneck4KillingTradition

17.) Stayed up till 2:00am the other night with the Hubs as we watched "The Social Network" on dvd. Now i know how the website i am oh-so addicted to came to be. #Interesting

18.) Oh the joys of potty training! At least the last accident was on the hardwoods... #NekkedLilBumBum

19.) This growing 3rd child is sucking all the energy that I have left. Which wasn't much to start with. #33WeeksPreggo #MommyNeedsANap

20.) RT @capricecrane: "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten." Unless you're on Jersey Shore. You can't catch herpes twice.

21.) Spent the past few hours reminiscing with old high school BFFs about nearly everyone in our yearbook over Mexican food on the outdoor patio. #GoodTimes

22.) Productivity peaked today so now I shall reward myself with a frozen mojito (virgin, of course)...a gal can dream...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

moms night out

tonight the girls got together for a low key MNO of dinner and drinks at superior grill. the weather this week has been so wonderful that sitting outside on the patio was perfect. i am so thankful for nights like this.

wordless wednesday

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day!!

daddy came home after work on monday with surprises for his girls. he walked up the stairs with two huge ballons clipped to a bag of candy. the girls were so excited. once he showed them how if you tap the balloon, it sings...well, that's all they did. ALL.NIGHT.LONG. accompanied with squeals and giggles. later in the night, the girls gave daddy their valentine surprises too. one of which consisted of a reese's peanut butter cup shaped heart (he loves reese cups). funny thing is, lyla gave it to daddy but then wanted it for herself. jay ends up giving it to her which only solidified what parenthood is all about. nothing is ever "yours" any more...especially when those big brown eyes look up at you and melt you instantly. happy valentine's day to everyone!

perfect day for the park

the weather this week has been absolutely amazing. nothing screams "great day at the park" like 70 degrees with a slight breeze. so after picking up the girls from school on monday, we decided to meet karla maria and cousin carson at the park. tita karmie and big B came along for the ride as well, and it was a blast. here are some pics...

lyla's valentine's party at school

monday rolls around and it's time for the girls' valentines day parties at school. we were invited to come hang out for lyla's so that's exactly what tita karmie and i did. her party started at 12:30pm and we got to watch as lyla passed out her valentines to each one of her friend's bags. she was so.stinkin.cute. after that, they all sat down for some ice cream, cookies, and candy. all the moms are chatting it up with her teacher (mrs. lauren) while the kids play and enjoy their snacks. all in all, it was good getting to see lyla in the environment that she loves so much. happy valentine's day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

happy birthday, nate!

saturday we loaded up as a family and headed over to one of our favorite birthday hot spots: pump it up in pelham. this time it was in honor of celebrating one of abby's classmate's (nate's) 5th birthday. we arrived and the girls take to the huge slides like it's not their first rodeo. and believe me, it definitely wasn't. they play and play till they are exhausted and soon it's time to move into the party room for birthday cake and snacks. we all sing happy birthday to nate as he blew out the candle on his spiderman cupcake. little lyla approached her cupcake with no hands, a skill she has learned to master. it was adorable. overall, it was a great party. after wards, we ate dinner at buffalo wild wings and called it a successfully fun day. happy birthday, nate!

Friday, February 11, 2011

my SURPRISE baby sprinkle!!

friday night marked our monthly girls night out of bunco festivities. stacy was hosting it at her house and it was comforting to me knowing that considering she was right around the corner. reason being because it seemed like every thing that could go wrong or happen right before it was time to walk out the door, well it was going on.

for example, bunco starts at 7:00pm. jay is usually always home an hour before i have to go out that way he can watch the girls for me while i shower and get ready. except for he was running errands himself. picking up meds for nan, steaks for him and mitchelle, etc. which caused him to be late. something so simple really throws a curve ball into my routine when he's not there. i now realize how much that man helps out when i really need it. to top it off, i had a house full of guests. my mom and dad dropped by, then karla maria, and then mitchelle and kids since they were going to hang out like normal when one of us host something. long story short, a full house and running late hubster = no shower and no make-up because by the time i got everyone settled and adjusted, i was far too frazzled and running out the door about 30 minutes late myself. i was a hot mess, but i didn't that point, i just wanted to run for the hills and meet up with my girls for a relaxing much-needed night. oh, little did i know what was in store for me...

so stacy calls me as i'm parking my car in her driveway. she asks me where i'm at since i'm never late to her functions. still, i have no idea that anything is "up" or that everyone and MY mother are in on the plan to make me run late. i walk through the door, hear "surprise," look around and realize that what i thought was bunco had turned into a baby sprinkle for yours truly. i was speechless. my first thought was damn, i have some pretty awesome friends. then the craziness of the last couple of hours all made sense...i was suppose to be late. sneaky lil bitches, how i love them. i have never felt so special and overcome with appreciation for those around me. i also never thought anyone could pull a "surprise" anything off on me since i'm far too inquisitive and believe i can read people well, especially jay, karla maria, and stacy. but they did it. and it was awesome. here are some pics...after chatting the night away and enjoying a yummy spread of different dishes, i opened presents for sweet baby jemma. again, i was definitely not expecting any of this so it just blew me away. i got some super cute stuff including a new diaper bag that i am in love with. after unwrapping gifts, taking pics, etc, mandy k and stacy played a fierce game of air hockey. it was great. again, i still get the warm and fuzzies as i think about what great friends i have. thank you guys SOO much!! we are blessed to be surrounded by you guys.