Saturday, February 5, 2011

daddy/daughter day

some times jay does things out of the blue that make me truly realize how lucky i am to have him as a husband and my babies' daddy. for example, we had absolutely nothing planned on saturday. nothing at all. it was a rarity. and usually jay will just take the opportunity to sit on the couch and just veg out. however, today was different. i have no idea why, but instead he decided to take the girls out for the day to I-Jump and lunch after wards at Buffalo Wild Wings. he let the mabster call her BFF and see if she wanted to come too. as jay was on his way to pick big B up, mitchelle decided to come along too. it was awesome. a dual daddies/daughters day while us moms got quiet time to ourselves to do whatever we pleased. dude, i got SOO much stuff done AND a nap in. it was my own piece of heaven.

lastly, here are just a few pics of their fun-filled day...