Thursday, February 24, 2011

dinner with friends

thursday night, bluemomma and family invited us over for dinner around 6:00pm. she wanted to do something special in honor of jaydoug's birthday since they couldn't make it to his party last month. how sweet is that? TB even had a sign awaiting for the special boy. jay grabbed BM's old lady (err i mean, bifocals) glasses and posed for a pic. it was hilarious.

of course when anyone offers up to cook for us, we always gladly accept. always. so she cooked a yummy lasagna, garlic bread, and we brought a salad. the best was yet to come though...for dessert, she cooked a delicious peanut butter chocolate cake (jay's favorite). it was so scrumptious that they let us take the remaining of the cake home. score. the kiddos played together and all in all, it was a good night spent with great friends. thank you so much for having us, we love you guys!