Friday, February 11, 2011

a dollhouse for his granddaughters...

friday night, lola and pawpaw swung by our house in order to drop off the super cute dollhouse that pawpaw finished building for the girls. they were so excited to see it and admittedly, jay and i were too. we all knew how much time and effort pawpaw had put into it. to say the masterpiece is filled with copious amounts of meticulous details is an understatement. he stained the hardwood floors, put up a different color wallpaper in each room, painted and glossed over each shingle on the roof and then glued one by one by hand, installed the doors, stairs, windows, etc. he even thought about wiring in the electricity. no lie. overall, he spent 96 hours working on it for them and enjoyed every second.

later, pawpaw posed for a funny picture in which he jokingly handed jay the keys for the new house...said that the mortgage papers are in the mail and on their way. all in all, i find it super sweet and comical to watch my dad joke with jay about having something for his three girls when he himself has three of his own and still help us out with our own house repairs. god bless daddies. abby and lyla absolutely LOVE it and play with their new dollhouse every day. i can't wait till baby jemma gets here and one day too will enjoy this "what their pawpaw built" piece of art and history. thank you so much, pawpaw! we love you! XOXO