Sunday, February 20, 2011

laid back weekend at the lake

this weekend, we decided to head up to the lake since we had nothing else planned (an extreme rarity nowadays). we knew the weather was going to be awesome (mid-70s) and wanted to take advantage of just being in God's country and at a slower pace.

saturday, we arrived at mamaw's where she made us some yummy chicken-n-dumplins. pawpaw was also there for a short bit while jay worked on his four-wheeler and the girls played outside. later we headed down to the lakehouse where we spent the night. we practically stayed in the same outfits the whole weekend and straight up slummed it. it was oh so nice.

around sunday afternoon, karla, tre, and carson came up as well. karla and i laid out on the dock and got some much needed vitamin D while chatting and listening to some great tunes on my ipod. after wards, we all headed back to the farmhouse again where mamaw made us our 2nd favorite meal (chx, mac-n-chz casserole). the kids played outside and picked daffodils that were growing all in the front yard. all in all, it was a laid back weekend at the if only jay's boat was ready to get out on the water and cruise around. ahh, one fine day...and hopefully soon.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Totally Jealous! But glad you all had fun!!!