Friday, February 11, 2011

my SURPRISE baby sprinkle!!

friday night marked our monthly girls night out of bunco festivities. stacy was hosting it at her house and it was comforting to me knowing that considering she was right around the corner. reason being because it seemed like every thing that could go wrong or happen right before it was time to walk out the door, well it was going on.

for example, bunco starts at 7:00pm. jay is usually always home an hour before i have to go out that way he can watch the girls for me while i shower and get ready. except for he was running errands himself. picking up meds for nan, steaks for him and mitchelle, etc. which caused him to be late. something so simple really throws a curve ball into my routine when he's not there. i now realize how much that man helps out when i really need it. to top it off, i had a house full of guests. my mom and dad dropped by, then karla maria, and then mitchelle and kids since they were going to hang out like normal when one of us host something. long story short, a full house and running late hubster = no shower and no make-up because by the time i got everyone settled and adjusted, i was far too frazzled and running out the door about 30 minutes late myself. i was a hot mess, but i didn't that point, i just wanted to run for the hills and meet up with my girls for a relaxing much-needed night. oh, little did i know what was in store for me...

so stacy calls me as i'm parking my car in her driveway. she asks me where i'm at since i'm never late to her functions. still, i have no idea that anything is "up" or that everyone and MY mother are in on the plan to make me run late. i walk through the door, hear "surprise," look around and realize that what i thought was bunco had turned into a baby sprinkle for yours truly. i was speechless. my first thought was damn, i have some pretty awesome friends. then the craziness of the last couple of hours all made sense...i was suppose to be late. sneaky lil bitches, how i love them. i have never felt so special and overcome with appreciation for those around me. i also never thought anyone could pull a "surprise" anything off on me since i'm far too inquisitive and believe i can read people well, especially jay, karla maria, and stacy. but they did it. and it was awesome. here are some pics...after chatting the night away and enjoying a yummy spread of different dishes, i opened presents for sweet baby jemma. again, i was definitely not expecting any of this so it just blew me away. i got some super cute stuff including a new diaper bag that i am in love with. after unwrapping gifts, taking pics, etc, mandy k and stacy played a fierce game of air hockey. it was great. again, i still get the warm and fuzzies as i think about what great friends i have. thank you guys SOO much!! we are blessed to be surrounded by you guys.


Elizabeth said...

So fun! What sweet friends you have!