Sunday, February 6, 2011

super bowl sunday 2011

super bowl sunday was upon us. the football game consisted of the green bay packers versus the Pittsburgh steelers. kick off was around 5:00pm and the krawiecki family had invited us over for a small get-together in order to enjoy the football festivities. they supplied copious amounts of wings while everyone brought a side dish and their own drink of choice. for the guys: beer. for preggo me: sprite. lucky gal, right?

of course the get-together was kid-friendly because let's be honest, it's hard finding a babysitter for every little event nowadays. the kiddos all played great together upstairs while the moms were on the middle level and the guys hung out downstairs. every now and then, the moms would giggle as we'd send a kid down to interrupt the guys. in turn, the guys would use it to their advantage and have the kids throw away and bring them back a new beer. CJ loved this. gotta train'em young, right? all in all, the green bay packers took home the "W" and everyone had a great time.