Thursday, February 3, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Eating lunch outside with a warm breeze and I do declare that spring fever has officially set in. In a big bad way. #BringIt

2.) I let #MarioKart babysit the 4 year old because quite frankly, the little lady is addicted. #DontJudgeMe

3.) "Do you still call it the shocker if she knows it's coming?" #QuoteOfTheNight

4.) Loves how the older kids of the neighborhood take Abby under their wing and let her ride around on the golf cart with them. #MyKidIsInHeaven

5.) Currently watching "One Born Every Minute" from last night with the Hubs who is enjoying it more than I am. #LaborPainsAwait #NotFunny

6.) How come our Birmingham Bill groundhog is the only one to see his shadow!? #BooOnSixMoreWeeksOfWinter

7.) RT @capricecrane: I love when these Bachelorettes talk about their "journey." You're whoring yourselves for 15 minutes of fame, not climbing Kilimanjaro.

8.) Dear wee lil flower that my kid planted at school yesterday, if you don't make's not my fault. I blame the lack of sunshine going on.

9.) Hub's bday dinner w/ family got postponed till tomorrow night due to weather. Now I have to wait to eat the #Dreamcakes cupcakes. #SoNotFair

10.) i like to pride myself for having a high threshold for pain. but why is it that a cut to a cuticle will make me whimper for days? #Youch

11.) There's nothing more comforting after one busy ass day than rubbing your sore feet in fresh clean bedsheets. #Toegasms

12.) little lyla makes me change her outfit at least 5 times a day. she'll find a costume, hand it to me and say "want to be a princess." so viola, a princess she shall be even though the constant wardrobe change is incredibly annoying. #ThankGodShesCute

13.) You know you have awesome friends when a nearly full box of breast pads are passed down to you. #ItsTheLittleThingsInLife

14.) Productive as hell and then my IPod dies. Really? Seriously? #SadSadTimes

15.) From here on out, I hereby solemnly swear to not watch #GreysAnatomy during the remainder of this pregnancy. #MyHormonesCantHandleIt

16.) RT @SororityProblem: For boys, the Superbowl is everything. For me, it's the Glee pre-show, plus whatever fugly bedazzled jumpsuit Fergie wears at halftime.

17.) Loves fresh haircuts on the toddler. She looks like a whole new little lady. #LoveLoveLove

18.) I miss the sun like Lindsay Lohan misses drugs. #SGP

19.) In honor of Catholic Schools Week, today's theme is "Freaky Friday." That said, I have never been more proud or relieved of my 4 y/o's independent choice in extreme tackiness.

20.) Note to self: Do not wear a white shirt to a Super Bowl get-together when you plan to throw back some wings like the big boys do. It's not pretty. Especially when the shelf (aka, baby bump) catches it.

21.) so we've finally finished watching all of #Weeds and i must admit, it's been a great month of late night viewing and inner spooning. #WhatToWatchNow?