Thursday, February 10, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) The toddler has been running around with screams of "RAWR" all day long. #GodHelpMe #SweetLittleMonster

2.) For boys, the Superbowl is everything. For me, it's the Glee pre-show, plus whatever fugly bedazzled jumpsuit Fergie wears at halftime. #SGP

3.) Was told by teacher today that for 1st time ever, Abs fell asleep during rest time. Wonder how loud she was snoring... #SuperbowlAftermath

4.) Warning: Do not eat steak fajitas while watching #FlyingHighAlaska. The visual of raw Eskimo food is enough to lose an appetite completely.

5.) Thinks it's absolutely wonderful when my girls are doing something cute and then say, "Momma, you should take a picture of this." #ImOnIt

6.) Came home to a picked up clean house and I didn't even do it. #MyHusbandIsAmazing #IShallHaveToEarnThis

7.) Meanwhile at lunch, the short one keeps pointing to the lady behind us with super crazy spiked up hair and asking, "What happened?" #Snicker

8.) These damn Braxton-Hicks contractions are going to be the death of me... #SimmerDownNowUterus

9.) Agreed! #Glee makes my heart want to burst with sugary happiness. @beccafj: I love being hooked on songs from Glee, it makes me smile. :)

10.) The Turtles "Happy Together" #NowPlaying #GoldenOldies

11.) RT @capricecrane: The dude next to me at Starbucks keeps trying to hide his iPad screen from me. Like I care that his password is bieberfever10.

12.) movie marathon continues. my pick. so i chose a chick flick..."dear john." damn you, nicholas sparks. you've done it again.

13.) Dear broad in Target, you know that thing called "personal space?" Yeah, let's use it. #TooCloseForComfort

14.) little lyla is obsessed with coloring right now. especially with markers. she can color for two hours straight if i let her without getting bored. oh, and when we ran out of paper the other day? she doesn't discriminate against paper towels. #Fact