Thursday, February 17, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Someone crop dusted in the valentines aisle. Now nothing about the candy, teddy bears, & flowers smell sweet or pretty at all. #ShamefulAndJustWrong

2.) Daddy is teaching the toddler when it is appropriate to say, "My bad, dude" and "Sweet." #LoveMyLyla

3.) Special Spa Sunday: 90 minutes prenatal full body massage. #HappyValentinesDayToMe #BestHubsEver

4.) HA! i get like that too some times. that button is dangerous. @YankeBell I have liked everything possible on FB tonight. #feelingaccomplised

5.) Still waiting to hear from twinkie on whether I'm going to have a niece or another nephew. The suspense is absolutely killing me. #TickTockTickTock It's a BOY!!

6.) Lost my sunglasses. On a day like today, that is completely unacceptable. #BooHiss

7.) Today I am sporting flip-flops for 3 reasons: my pedicure still looks decent, the weather is amazingly warm & my feet are starting to swell. #ProProCon

8.) If there is a way to get hurt whether it be by bruises, scraps, or profuse Lyla will find it. #SerenityNow #AccidentProneOne

9.) Cleaned out Big Bertha & both girls' rooms today. Shouldn't take any time for them to completely destroy'em all over again. Like...tomorrow.

10.) It's the perfect day for ice cream and the park! #LoveThisWeather #HappyValentinesDay

11.) Daddy brought home surprises 4 girls, one of which consisted of a huge singing balloon. Super cute initially. However now I want to pop it.

12.) Absolutely adores the scent of fresh air coming through our opened windows. Reminds me so much of my childhood. #PlzStickAround70Degrees

13.) 4 year old woke up complaining that her eyebrows hurt... #OhHappyDay

14.) why the fack does a man fart and then minutes later move the blanket to smell it as if he is validating his disgustingness? #MajorGrossage

15.) Pleased to know that baby Jemma is getting her aerobics class in this morning. Go ahead and stretch out there, little lady. #CrazyActive

16.) Parents are headed down to #ToomersCorner to take some pics before the trees meet their untimely death. #ThxBamaRedneck4KillingTradition

17.) Stayed up till 2:00am the other night with the Hubs as we watched "The Social Network" on dvd. Now i know how the website i am oh-so addicted to came to be. #Interesting

18.) Oh the joys of potty training! At least the last accident was on the hardwoods... #NekkedLilBumBum

19.) This growing 3rd child is sucking all the energy that I have left. Which wasn't much to start with. #33WeeksPreggo #MommyNeedsANap

20.) RT @capricecrane: "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten." Unless you're on Jersey Shore. You can't catch herpes twice.

21.) Spent the past few hours reminiscing with old high school BFFs about nearly everyone in our yearbook over Mexican food on the outdoor patio. #GoodTimes

22.) Productivity peaked today so now I shall reward myself with a frozen mojito (virgin, of course)...a gal can dream...


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Number 13 cracks me up! LOL