Thursday, February 24, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) "All I am I owe to my mother." ~George Washington #PresidentsDay

2.) Mamaw's chicken-n-dumplins: Love in my mouth.

3.) RT@JamieBeach: If Facebook had a WTF button, I'd click it far more often than Like.

4.) I am BEYOND grateful to be a stay at home mom especially during this last pregnancy because i'm no gonna lie, i have never been this exhausted. some times when i get home after running errands, taking the girls to and from, etc., i could nearly pass out once i reach the top of my stairs. thankfully, abby and lyla play SO.DAMN.GOOD. together. it amazes me. i lay down and rest, they play. lyla wants juice, abby gets it for her. #ThankGodForSiblings

5.) Woke up this morning with green snot and nasal congestion... #TGIFBuddy #Fantastic

6.) In the words of my girls, "Yaaaaaaay, Laaaaaaaaake!!!!" #ThisIsMyHappyPlace

7.) There is no better feeling than getting tan for the first time after a long winter. #SGP

8.) Dear Lyla, I know you love your Mondays at school...but 5:00am? Really? #MommyNeedsMoreSleep

9.) RT@capricecrane: If you say to me, "No, and here's why..." you can be absolutely certain that I stopped listening after the "no" part.

10.) Dear Nurse, please call me back ASAP...this momma has to piss something fierce. Don't be surprised if my cupeth overfloweth. #TeeHeeHee

11.) My cute young nurse just came in & gave me PB crackers & diet coke since I have yet to eat. Wonder if I can take her home with me? #Spoiled

12.) RT@CC: Governments toppling...economic crisis...natural disasters...but much more importantly: JUSTIN BIEBER GOT A HAIRCUT!!!

13.) Life is all about choosing to dance when you'd rather be standing against the wall. #SGP

14.) The mabster thinks words like "hate," "lame," and "stupid" are super bad words. Admittedly, if that's what she thinks is going to get her into big trouble if said...i applaud the little lady. #InstillTheFearWhileStillYoung

15.) RT@capricecrane: Twitter spoils us. If only we could limit people in real life to 140 characters or less.

16.) This day has been wonderful. Now for cleaning up before Hubs comes home & says, "Sweetie, shouldn't you be nesting or something?" #FunnyMan

17.) Done with the nesting (which oddly enough included cleaning out through Hub's sock drawer). Now time for what really matters: resting. #OuchSciaticNerve

18.) I'm sure the neighborhood boys playing basketball right now are thoroughly enjoying my 4 y/o's loud singing & dancing routine. #Whattayagonnado

19.) My whole house has fallen asleep before 8:30pm. Where the fack am I and who took my family!? #LetMeTimeBegin

20.) Beware: Every horrendous driver in the state of Alabama is on the roads today. I kid you not. #wtf

21.) Got a note from doc that said, "Conserve energy and avoid fatigue." It made me laugh uncontrollably. Wonder if he'll watch my kiddos for me? #HateToBeNoncompliant

22.) When Lyla repeatedly tells me that she "wants to eat dog," it makes me chuckle. Because I know she wants a hot dog. #ShesFilipinoNotJapanesePeople

23.) Lunch dates and back rubs are what make the world go round. #Fact

24.) Why is it that every time I get the dreaded letter home about head lice going around in my kid's school, my head immediately starts to itch? #PsychosomaticMuch?

25.) as of late, everyone has been asking me, "how are you feeling?" my response: "uncomfortable and exhausted." i may not look it considering i've only gained a total of 8 pounds throughout this whole pregnancy, but i swear she's growing faster than ever now. then they'll ask, "are you ready?" my response: "ready as i'll ever be!" i no longer want to feel the swift kicks that wake me up in the middle of the night, instead i'm ready for the cuddles of a sleeping newborn baby, and yes, the crying and feedings that are with the packaged deal. i just want to saturate myself in all things BAY-BEE knowing she is our last. sweet baby jemma, we can't wait to finally meet you in about ONE.MORE.MONTH!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! 1 month? man did this pregnancy fly by or what?? take care of yourself momma kim.

hugs, amy

Kim said...

no doubt, amy!! i'm still in shock with how fast it has flown. this last month, i will definitely be taking it least i'll try. XOXO

Jennifer Murray said...

My last baby is turning 1 this Saturday and I have to say I am quite sad!! sniff sniff! Enjoy every second.Congrats on baby #3. Kind of scary thinking that we all have the big "30" coming up really soon!!! I love your blog and especially Thursday Thoughts!

Kim said...

awww, thanks so much jennifer...i couldn't agree more!!