Saturday, March 19, 2011

NICU: day 10

this morning we had a couple of family errands to run so before we started conquering the day, we wanted to make a quick trip to see sweet baby jemma and also drop off a few bottles of frozen mommy milk...i'm a successful milk factory nowadays, no lie. we arrived at the hospital where there was little news for us to take in. which of course is a good thing in our book. the nurse reported that they upped her feedings to 20cc because she is digesting everything well. baby jemma is also completely off all pain meds and more active than the usual although she has been resting nicely considering nobody has had to mess with her lately. i know you are glad of that, sweet baby girl...mommy is too. also, they plan to do another heart ultrasound on monday. hopefully we can get some answers as to what the mass on her mitral valve is if it's anything at all. we only stayed for a few minutes and then let her continue to rest since we knew we'd be spending more quality time with her later in the evening.

after our visit, we ate a family lunch outside while watching abby and lyla play on the playground. the high for the day was could we not spend it outside!? the girls had a blast and would squeal and scream every time they went down the slides. after lunch, we headed to toys-r-us where daddy let the girls cash in on his promise of a new bigger trampoline. thank god outdoor toys were in the front of the store because lyla started pulling everything from the shelves saying, "momma, i like dis..momma, i want dis..." daddy would distract her while mommy put it back up. team work at it's best. and because we all know that i keep my camera on me at all times (along with keys and cell phone), i couldn't resist taking this picture as we were checking out...after leaving toys-r-us, jay and abby had an outing of daddy/daughter haircut day...both received an easy peasy quick trim, and then we were off to lola and pawpaw's house for an early dinner before tita karmie had to work. while walking up to the front door, the girls spotted the flower garden and immediately ran to it. abby was so excited that there were tulips everywhere considering the last time we were there, she could only count four total. pawpaw comes out and picks a purple one for abby and a pink one for lyla. they absolutely loved them.meanwhile, tita karmie, tita karla, uncle tre, and cousin carson all arrived at the same time. (rewind if you will) the reason we all met at lola and pawpaw's house was because a few of tita karmie's best friends (jackie, karen, lisa, anne, and trey) had made a feast for all of us to show their sincerest thoughts for sweet baby jemma. everything was amazing...from appetizer to entree to dessert, it was scrumptious delumptious. thank you guys so much! it's amazing how food brings so much comfort here in the deep south and pulls everyone together.shortly after dinner, only one thing is on all of our minds...and that was you, sweet baby jemma. everyone in that house wanted to visit you tonight. that's why i love my family more than anything in the world. they are so supportive and loving, and i can only hope that the strong family foundation they have instilled in me, i can pass down to my own. so everyone jumps in their car and follows us to the hospital. since only two people are allowed in the NICU at a time (and one has to be a parent), we all rotate turns to see her. thankfully, tita karmie and uncle tre take abby, lyla, and carson to the playground downstairs while jay and i enter first. they ask if we want to hold her and without thinking, jay pulls up a chair. he sits down, the nurse unplugs everything, and daddy holds you for as long as he can. throughout the visit, lola, pawpaw, tita karmie, tita karla, and uncle tre all make their way in. we were all so excited to see how much better you are looking and doing. when asking the nurse, "how much longer do they think you will have to stay?" we get "depends" as an answer. i understand that no one knows the exact answer...but maybe a guesstimate of a certain time frame would be nice. hehe. can you tell i'm lacking in the patience area at the moment? no worries, sweet baby jemma...for you i will wait forever as long as i know you are in good hands and getting stronger with each day. we love you and goodnight, sweet baby girl. xoxo