Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NICU: day 13

today, jay went to see baby jemma during his lunch break while i took abby and lyla to dance class. throughout the morning, he would texts me pictures he took of her on his phone as she slept the whole time. he reported that they changed her OG tube (feedings through the mouth into the belly) to an NG tube (feedings through the nose into the belly). this is so that she can learn how to eat via a bottle. she continues to eat well with just one spit up today. a head ct was performed, but the results weren't back yet. jay also said that they moved baby jemma into her very own crib and that she looked so adorable. he spent his entire lunch break up there just holding her. i couldn't wait for my turn later in the evening...it's been too long, but i'm healthy and back for some lovin!after work, jay came home and then talley came by for a quick visit to chat and drop off some yummy dinner for us. thank you, talley and jessi, it was delicious! we all sat down to eat and then got ready to drop off the girls at tita karla and uncle tre's house as we ran up to the hospital together. (on a side note: we can't wait to bring the girls up there to see their new baby sister later this week. they are SO excited.) as we were walking across the crosswalk bridge, i got a call from the nurse saying that they were about to close visitation hours in order to put in another PICC line for jemma, but first they needed our consent. we let them know that we were on our way and waited outside till they let us in.i was actually kinda bummed thinking i wouldn't be able to see my sweet jemma, but then they decided against the procedure and are now thinking of putting in a central line since the last 3 attempts failed and she's going to be there for at least another 2 weeks. they need something that will be more durable and secure since sweet baby jemma likes to pull at her fancy appliances. they did not perform the procedure tonight which means visitation hours were now open again and we got to go back to see her. YAY!! jemma was sleeping in her crib and on her belly since she has a tendency to spit up after being fed. she looked so sweet as she was bundled up with her little bum-bum up in the air.the nurse asked if i wanted to hold her and gave me a gown to wear just in case she does spit up since she was about to give her her next feeding. i held her while she was fed through her NG tube and prepared for the worse...luckily, no spit up any where. i knew my dear child loved me. i held her for nearly two hours and it was definitely the highlight of my day. jay sat beside me, and then later haswell and lindsay came to visit. we are all so impressed with how great you are looking and doing, sweet baby jemma. we'll keep up the prayers and you keep up the good work!