Friday, March 25, 2011

NICU: day 16

today was definitely a "better" day, thank God!! as usual, jay went to visit sweet baby jemma on his lunch break to check up on everything. when i can't make it up there (due to either one of abby or lyla's activities), i SO look forward to seeing the pictures he takes on his camera phone as he sends them to me through a text message along with an update.

jemma bug, today...YOU.LOOKED.AMAZING. i'm not gonna lie, after seeing you yesterday so fragile and pale, it scared the bejesus out of me. but today was a new day...a new uneventful day. and a day you made me feel sane again. thank you for that, sweet girl. here's your report brought to you by daddy:

"much better day. hematology is checking her for factor xiii deficiency being the cause of her two bleeds. 1 out of 2 million babies get this. it is extremely rare, and i think the head bleed was just a complication of her being on ECMO and having fragile vessels. at least, that is what i'm hoping for. i think they're just checking everything just in case since everything else is normal. the test cannot be read over the weekend so it will be sent on monday. we should found out the results after 24 hours. also, OT came by and fed her 15cc of breast milk by bottle. she is still trying to get the hang of it, but doing good. her swelling has gone down and she looks so good. even dr. karle stated twice that she looks much better today."

R.E.L.I.E.F. here's a picture of sweet baby jemma, sleeping in daddy's arms...later in the day, maggie came by to drop off dinner for us (thank you, thank you!!), we ate and then got ready for a fun family night out at the BJCC to see "Mickey Mouse's Magic Show." many thanks to stacy for giving us these free tickets that she won. since she wasn't able to make it, she gave them to us thinking it'd be a great chance for all of us to get out for a bit and enjoy some quality family time together. boy, was she right. we really needed that and enjoyed watching the girls have so much fun throughout the entire show. it was sweet watching lyla wave at minnie mouse (her favorite) and all the princesses as she pointed and called them by name. abby was hilarious considering after every illusion act, she would ask "how'd they do that?" every.single.time. of course my reply was, "i don't's magic." oh, and when cinderella magically came out of her pumpkin carriage in her beautiful blue ball gown...her jaw hit the floor in astonishment. love it. also, did i mention that the cotton candy there was $2 cheaper than the price it is at the circus? yeah, daddy was super happy about that. it was definitely a win-win night for everyone. here are some pics...lastly, the show ended a little sooner than we expected so being the anxiously excited parents that we are, we decided to make a quick trip to see baby jemma since we were already nearby. we knew our sweet girl would be sleeping so we didn't want to move or talk to her much, thus waking her up. it felt so good just to see her. i got the chance to sit by her for awhile while jay took abby and lyla on the second floor to play in the children's play area. that said, the girls have made new friends with two little girls (both around the same age as ours) who's little baby brother is in the NICU as well. every time we go to visit, they are always there too. it's comforting to have a family right there beside you going through the same thing. we compare notes on our little ones and pray that they both get better soon. goodnight, jabbin' jemma...we love you so incredibly much. xoxo


*Yankee Belle* said...

So glad you guys enjoyed! xoxo