Saturday, March 26, 2011

NICU: day 17

today started out with a whole house of over-sleepers...i believe the past couple of weeks are finally starting to catch up with us. thankfully, our friends (lindsay and haswell) had made previous plans with us to watch the girls for us for a couple of hours while we took our time visiting with sweet baby jemma at the hospital. we dropped them off and they were so excited to play with baby greer. we were told that they walked to their nearby park, had a picnic, and played on the playground before the rain came. later while inside, they painted, read books, and watched tv with haswell. lindsay also said that while they were at the park, abby heard her nearby school's church bells ringing and told everybody that they needed to pray for her baby sister jemma. so stinkin' sweet. the girls had a blast and thank you guys SO much!while the girls had fun at their playdate, jay and i soaked up our time with jemma. we entered the NICU and saw her resting so sweetly. jay pulled me up a chair and then the nurse let us pick her up and hold her. i rocked her for two and half hours until the visitation hours closed. it was the highlight of my day. here's her daily report:

"jemma's feedings are back up to 25cc. they are feeding her once a day with a bottle and today she was able to take down 15cc. on monday, they'll look at increasing her bottle feeds. she had a very relaxed day and her sats looked great. they hope to get her down to a 0.25 liter of oxygen in the next couple of days. they do not think she'll require oxygen when she comes home. they are only using it now so that she doesn't wear herself out and drop sats too much when she gets mad."

also, if you look at the picture below of the chart that is used to measure her head circumference, you will notice that today showed a decrease in swelling. YAY!! we were really happy about that. it's good to see her shunt doing it's job properly. here are some pics...after our visit with sweet baby jemma, jay and i ate lunch at Do Di Yo's in homewood and then picked up abby and lyla. from there, we drove them over to lola and pawpaw's house where they played all night while we enjoyed a hot date night. you know you're old and exhausted when you've been given the golden opportunity of a kidless evening, and all we wanted to do was catch up on sleep. inner spoon? don't mind if I do. did i mention the stormy weather was perfect for it? goodnight girls, we love you all.


Boo said...

thinking and praying for you and your entire family. God will get you through this time. Sending lots of love from Texas and i have enjoyed the updates you post on your beautiful baby girl. Love you all very much! --Boo