Sunday, March 27, 2011

NICU: day 18

today was a good day. actually, i take that back. today was a great day. one of those "better" days that make everything else seem that much brighter. our weekend felt like a well balanced meal so what better dessert than to end it with a cherry on top by finally letting abby and lyla into the NICU in order to be reunited with their baby sister jemma. this visit was only their second time to see their lil sis. the first time was shortly after jemma was born and moved into the well baby nursery. needless to say, it's been too long and everyone was super excited.

backtrack if you will...grands made abby and lyla "bigger and big sister" shirts as a gift before baby jemma was born. they are absolutely adorable. well the game plan was to have them wear their shirts proudly throughout our initial hospital stay, but we all know how that turned out. needless to say, i've been itching to find the right moment where they could both wear them and "hold" their baby sister for the first time ever. considering sweet baby jemma had a very nice and much-needed relaxing weekend, we decided that now was the perfect time. also, the girls brought the pictures that they painted for her, and the nurse gave them tape so that they could hang their creations on the side of her crib for baby jemma to see and enjoy.we all enter the NICU and immediately wash our hands like every visit before. we walk over to where sweet baby jemma was sleeping and pull up a chair for abby and lyla to sit in. the nurse tells us that we can lower the side rail so that they can get a better look. they were anxiously excited as their baby sister started to wake up and open her eyes to look at them. it was the sweetest thing. lyla nearly wanted to climb into bed with her and tried to lean in for a kiss, but we had to remind her not to touch jemma's hands or face. as for abby who has a better grasp that baby sis is "sick," you could tell that she was a little apprehensive and concerned. truthfully, she prays for her all the time..."to get better so that she can come home and i can teach her how to talk, walk, and brush her teeth." yes, those were her exact words. god love it. here are some pics...our little "wanna-be-mini-mommies" were so sweet. baby jemma is definitely going to have a lot of little helpers surrounding her when she finally comes home. luckily, the nurse took our very first picture as the douglas party of five. shortly after, abby kept asking to hold her so we got everyone situated as daddy laid baby jemma in her lap. abby's face was all smiles. of course lyla wanted a turn too so she was next. both girls enjoyed patting her on top of her blankie as she rested in their laps. here are some pics...after having a wonderful visit of all three sisters enjoying their time together, jay took abby and lyla down to the second floor where the play area is located so that i could soak up some one-on-one time with my jemma bug. i held her for awhile and was then given the chance to feed her through her NG tube, take her temperature (normal, hooray!), and change my first poopie diaper of hers...i never thought i'd be so excited to change a poopie diaper. i digress. the nurse also reported that sweet baby jemma drank her entire bottle (25cc) by mouth and tolerated it well. once again, it was a great day. we ran a few errands, came home, cleaned house, and then auntie gracie came by to drop off dinner and chat for awhile. cousin douglas even made sweet baby jemma a cute card. very nice, indeed. thank you so much, we love you guys! rest easy, baby jemma. mommy and daddy will see you tomorrow! XOXO


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LOVE the new family picture!! what a BEAUTIFUL family! so glad baby jemma is doing so much better. i will continue to keep her in my prayers. love you all xoxoxox


Sarah Brown said...

This just made my day! So glad your girls got to hold their sister!!

Sarah Brown