Monday, March 28, 2011

NICU: day 19

today, sweet baby jemma continued to have another steady good day. they increased her feedings from 25cc to 45cc and started feeding her 25cc by bottle every 3 hours and the rest through her NG tube. the occupational therapist thought they were pushing her too hard so they changed her to bottle feeds twice a day to give her rest. also, the doctors are happy with how she looks. the only negative is the diaper rash that her antibiotics are giving her so spackling on the diaper cream is a must.

around lunch time, nana lin came to visit her sweet grandbaby and gave her some much needed hugs and kisses as she held her for awhile. it was a very sweet moment and jay even got a picture of it...also, now that lola and pawpaw have discovered that grandparents are allowed inside the NICU for visitation hours without having us required to be there, they like to visit nearly every night. they went up to visit her again tonight and called us after wards with the news that sweet baby jemma looks so good. they also said that she started rooting because she was hungry so the nurse fed her and then she fell right asleep. admittedly, i can't wait till i get to start breastfeeding her...this all day pumping isn't half as much fun as the bonding with skin-on-skin contact. give me that baby!! LOL. in due time, sweet jemma, in due time. we love you, sweet girl. xoxo

lastly, special thanks to kathryn and family for the lovely dinner that was exchanged while sitting in carpool. all of it was delicious and luckily, i was able to hide the cupcakes from the girls throughout the entire car ride home...i was pretty proud of that minor feat. hehe.