Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NICU: day 20

before i begin with news about our little fighter "jabbin' jemma," i'd like to take the time to show the pictures of abby's new dance recital costumes that they received today. when we arrived to her class, her teacher started handing them out while each girl tried them on. they all looked so ridiculously cute in their fluffy little tutus striking a lovely ballerina pose. can't wait to watch my big girl dance on stage alongside some of her classmates. here are some pics...now on to the most recent news with our sweet baby jemma...

this morning's report:

"heart echo still showed the growth, no change. plan is to continue the antibiotics. temp is good. they moved her to 0.25 liters of oxygen between 21-30%. no head ultrasound yet, however head circumference has decreased in swelling. no news yet on hematology labs either. jay talked with dr. coghill about the growth on her heart...he said it might be a skin tag that may have formed during development. if it was a clot it should have changed in size. he's not convinced that it is an infection but is taking the infectious disease's recommendation and he'll bring all the doctors into agreement next week when they decide to take her off the antibiotics. if it's a malformed tag and it's not hurting her, they'll just leave it and continue to monitor it. the reason they thought infection initially is because she seemed to show signs of sepsis. also, when she came in, they are not 100% sure that she had PPHN. they are considering that she might have had RDS (respiratory distress syndrome), but he said they may never know what caused her to go on ECMO. also, they plan to continue with her "well baby" development by feeding her via the bottle. she ate 30cc earlier, but has been moved up to 45cc."

this evening's report:

"nurse said that earlier in the day, sweet baby jemma spit up some of her feedings so they elevated the head of her bed. since then, she has held down her latest feeds. tita karla and i got the chance to help feed her through her NG tube and then later we changed another blowout she created in her diaper. atta' girl. she currently weighs 7 lbs 2 oz. also, her physical therapist came by to talk to us. said that baby jemma is doing developmentally what she should right now as far as the movement with her arms and legs. they are also working with her to grasp her stare, but she tends to use the "avoidance" method where she looks away because she doesn't want to be messed with. this however is improving since she is being more comfortable with who handles her. in other words, she will gaze into her mommy's eyes and that makes me happy. we got to hold her all night and thanks to the oh-so comfortable boppy that we brought along, sweet baby jemma rested easy."

lastly, words can not describe how appreciative we are of everyone's offerings of help (big or small) along with thoughts and prayers. every little bit goes a long way. we truly feel blessed to have such a strong support system to help us pull through the ups, downs, and unknowns. so thank you, laura and fam, for dinner tonight and thank you to everyone else near and far. you guys are the best! xoxo