Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NICU: day 21

this morning while i took lyla to dance class, jay was up at the hospital visiting sweet baby jemma. he reported that her O2 sat is looking awesome and that she's off IV fluids. he talked with her doctor who said everything is looking good. they will continue to work on her feeds since it usually takes ECMO babies a month to get the hang of it. the doctor also stated that they'll have a meeting of the minds next week to discuss her heart and the antibiotics. also, they've upped her feeds to 50cc. mamaw and julie came by to visit her today as well. very sweet.

meanwhile at lyla's dance class, i couldn't help but take some pics of her frolicking around and dancing to the piano. she has so much fun in there. during class, keri and i were talking about how everything was going with sweet baby jemma. we discuss and then next thing i know, a deal is made where lyla got to go home with her friend KB so that they couple play for a couple of hours while i ran some errands and took a NAP!!! and it was heaven, by the way. did i mention that i have awesome friends and my kids do too? you know it's a win-win for everyone when i call keri and she wants to keep lyla longer since they are having such a great time. love it. thank you, keri!!soon the time came for abby to get out of school. since stacy and i rotate turns with who picks them up from carpool, i didn't have to go back out in the dreary rainy weather again. score. she drops off abby and as we entered the den, abby couldn't wait to show me all the goodies she got in her bag from their "ultimate author day." also, hannah's mom made us the best homemade lasagna ever along with some yummy sides and best of all...cupcakes from dreamcakes!!! i swear this day couldn't have gotten any better. the flavors were "over the moon" and "caramel sea salt mocha." TO.DIE.FOR. thank you sooo much, sarah! here are some pics...after dinner, i snuck out for a bit for my much needed "mommy and me" one-on-one time with sweet baby jemma. you don't know how much i look forward to this. just a couple of quiet peaceful hours holding her in my arms and rocking her without having to move, get up, scream, or discipline any other small children (aka, your big sisters). it's just wonderful. i arrived to the NICU, talked with the nurse as we got your vital signs, i changed your poopie diaper again (twice actually since you like making another one as soon as i lay a clean one under you, go figure), fed you through your NG tube, and then got to rock you as you gazed into my eyes all while i talked your ear off. luckily, you haven't spit up on mommy yet so that's always a plus. the nurse said that you haven't spit up after your last two feedings. good girl. also, the preacher gordon came to talk to me for a bit tonight while at your bedside and that was nice.

jabbin' jemma, we've found some pink boxing gloves for babies and we can't wait to put you in them. thanks to our friend, heather for coming up with the idea...i think it should be your birth announcement picture. hehe. classic. anywayz, i believe your daddy and i have found a system that works when we can't always find babysitters to watch abby and lyla or when we don't want to have to deal with all of us going up there and rotating out...instead, daddy goes to see you at lunch while mommy comes up after dinner. i love our time together, sweet girl. xoxo