Sunday, March 13, 2011

NICU: day 4

this morning we woke up with a sense of renewed strength that everything was going to be okay. after speaking with her nurse, she reported that sweet baby jemma had a good night. they did another echo on her head this morning and there was no change which meant the bleed hadn't gotten any bigger (thank you sweet baby jesus!!). we were absolutely relieved and so happy. you know it's gonna be a good day when high-five's are being given shortly after waking up. they also told us that they plan to start weaning her off ECMO today and tomorrow. we are anxiously excited and nervous about this and praying that all goes well.

so after hearing the good news, we decided to go pick up our other babies that have been staying with lola, pawpaw, and mawmaw all week and take them to the park. it was a beautiful day and we wanted to spend it with our girls. it was nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air for a change all while watching abby and lyla run wild. we've missed them terribly and feel the need for our slight routine back since a quiet house nowadays just doesn't feel right. they had a blast and played with their friend KB who was also at the park that day. here are some pics...after playing at the park, we went back home where karla maria met us at our house so that she could watch the girls for us while we went back up to the hospital to visit sweet baby jemma again. upon arrival, our nurse jenny told us that they turned the ECMO completely down to the lowest settings and that her O2 sats are doing great. at the time our nurse was also receiving orders from the doctor to start the trial run where they cap off the oxygenator on the ECMO so that baby jemma is doing all the work. they'll help her out some with the vent if need be. while we were up there, sweet baby jemma got a little mad, but i was able to calm her down...guess that's a good sign that she's not feeling as bad as she has been.

so they plan to start the trial run cap off at 8:00pm tonight. they turned up her vent and we immediately saw good oxygen sat levels. they are going to let her go a little bit longer on the trial run and hope that her lungs continue to look better tomorrow. also, the mass that was found on her heart two days ago has shrunk which more than likely means it was a blood clot and not an infection (HOORAY!!). the doctor has another echo scheduled in a few days to monitor it more. also, if you notice in the last picture below, baby jemma likes to sleep with her right arm extended out. it looks painful, but every time the nurse or us move it back down and straight, she moves it right back. sweet girl, you've already got a silly quirk that has to be your way. love it. visitors today included: mom, dad, lola, pawpaw, tita karmie, and auntie gracie.

overall, her nurse jenny told us that "today was a milestone for her...nothing but good news all day." that comment immediately brought a smile to my face. today was definitely a high for us. tomorrow may be another low, but if there are more highs than lows, we'll still be appreciative. that said, please keep the thoughts and prayers coming. they are helping jemma fight her fight better than ever and we are so hoping that the worst is over now. sleep good tonight, baby jemma...we want you home with us more than you will ever know and your big sisters can't wait to play with you. mommy and daddy love you, sweet girl.


Sarah Brown said...

Kim- Eleanor forwarded me your blog and I am in tears reading about your sweet baby. I am so glad she is stable and I am praying that she will be home with you all soon. I had preeclampsia with both Hannah and Lily and Hannah was in the NICU 3 weeks. I know how hard it can be so please let me know if I can do anything for you. Ps Tell Abby Hannah said hi! Sarah Brown (Hannah's Mom :))

Kim said...

thank you so much, sarah. i'm glad you found my blog and i can't wait to start reading yours as well. it is very reassuring to talk to moms who have been through the NICU experience so i appreciate your sentiments and prayers. please tell hannah that abby said "hey!" back. hope you guys are having a great spring break and again, thank you!