Monday, March 14, 2011

NICU: day 5

today was another great day for baby jemma (i was SO hoping i would be able to type that statement when thinking about what this day would entail earlier this morning). her nurse reported that she had an uneventful night. boring is good, my very good. all of her labs looked good and her oxygen sats were all at 100% (both pre and post). the vent was running at 54% and the ECMO oxygenator was capped off. this means that baby jemma is already doing a lot of the breathing work on her own. jay talked with the nurse practitioner and she revealed that her latest chest xray looked great and was clearing up. at the time, they hadn't performed a head echo yet, but are planning to. also, the neonatologist came by and started drawing more labs to rule out anything viral. they told us that they planned to remove baby jemma off the ECMO circuit around 2:00pm. after we heard this great news, jay picked us up some lunch and headed home. waiting around for 2:00pm felt like forever.

finally the time rolled on by and we prayed and prayed as we anxiously waited for the nurse to call us back. we were told the procedure should last about an hour. around 4:00pm, the nurse called and let us know that the surgery team had been called away to perform an emergency procedure in the PICU right before they could start on baby jemma and they weren't sure when they would be able to try again. this news kinda bummed us out a bit since we were so anxious to see how she would do. so we waited patiently and decided to go ahead and make plans to head back up to the hospital around 5:00pm. luckily, we got there just in time. we were able to talk to her, hold her little hand, and give her a "pep talk" right before the OR team came up. they arrived and shut down the whole unit during the procedure. nana lin jokingly called her a "show stopper" even though this action is protocol. funny, nonetheless. so jay and i headed down to the cafeteria where we enjoyed a free dinner thanks to the meal cards that i get for pumping in their lactation center...see, breast really is best.

i digress. we eat dinner, come back up about an hour and a half later, and the procedure is done. we walk through the door and while washing our hands, i see one of the nurses at the nurses station give us a two thumbs up. picture if you will, this mommy started air clapping with joy. we nearly run to her and see the most beautiful sight ever...our sweet baby girl resting with two less tubes unattached to her neck. she looked peaceful, comfortable, and most importantly, healthy. baby jemma did it!! her nurse said that they just checked her ABGs (arterial blood gases) and her levels were great as well as her O2 sats. PRAISE GOD!!!! HIP, HIP, HOORAY!!! HALLELUJAH!!! BOOYAH!!! WOOHOO!!! (however you want to cheer, please insert here...) we are so proud of you sweet baby jemma. you are a tough little fighter and we love you so much! XOXOlastly, earlier in the day there was a knock on our door. we answered it to find a bouquet of flowers sent from a dear friend with a card that read, "just wanted to send a quick message and some flowers in hopes that it might brighten your day. your family is in our prayers. get well soon, baby jemma." ummmm, can i just say that that's exactly what those flowers did? thank you, julia!! they are absolutely beautiful and abby wants to bring them to "show and tell" at school...too bad it's spring break, eh? all in all, we've had two consecutive days in the NICU and are really hoping and praying that the hardest part is over. just taking it one day at a time. again, thank you everyone for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers...we want to bring that sweet baby home as soon as we can! visitors for the day included: mom, dad, lola, pawpaw, tita karla, and stinky.


Janet and Jared said...

What awesome news!!! So proud of Jemma and of you guys. May tomorrow bring even more smiles and blessings!

Julia said...

What wonderful news and beautiful flowers. I am so thankful they got to you and everyone can enjoy them. I am still thinking about y'all every day :)

Monica said...

Keep up all the good work Jemma! Show them how amazing you are! Prayers will continue as we hope that this will all be a memory soon and you will all be home celebrating how amazing God and your family is!