Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NICU: day 7

today was another good day. thankfully, they seem to be getting progressively better just with baby steps. sweet baby jemma's nurse reported that she had her spinal tap this morning and she did great. her blood counts are also improving and they've turned her vent down to 34. they plan to redo her PICC line some time this afternoon. jay was there to watch as they started her first feeding through the OG tube. he said she did great and the next feeding was in three hours with 5 cc of breast milk. he was so excited and happy with how well you are doing, baby jemma...and even though i couldn't be there at that exact moment since i had to stay home with your big sisters, i could feel his excitement and it was contagious. daddy told me that you look so good and that he couldn't wait till i got to see you later in the night. after his visit, jay made a trip to the office and tied up a few loose ends.once jay got home, we played outside with the girls for a bit. on a side note: it's kinda funny how every time we leave to go visit baby jemma, abby always asks us to "pretty please bring me back a surprise...and don't break your promise." talk about milking the situation, right? that oldest one is so smart. hehe. so during the last week, we've come home with nail polish, crayola packs, paint, and lip gloss. we thought we were at a loss until figuring out something that works. for a long time coming, we have wanted to buy the girls their very own big trampoline. our loving neighbors have passed down their smaller one to them, but as fast as they have's just not big enough any more. that said, now we have told them that if they are good girls while mommy and daddy are away visiting baby sister, they will get a big trampoline for the backyard. faces lit up. the deal was done. no more last minute searches through target's $1 bins. definitely a win-win.

okay so where was i? oh yes...jay gets home, the girls play outside in the dirt making mud pies with the help of the water hose along with "paint" (which is formed by rubbing a lot of chalk into the water). who says girls don't enjoy getting dirty? ours do! so earlier in the day, we had made plans with stacy...she was going to watch the girls for us as they played with big B and CJ while we ran up to the hospital for our nightly visit. (another side note: this is a requirement for abby. she only wants to stay with someone who "has a kid that she can play with." such an opinionated 4 year old, eh? i have no idea where she gets it from...)

off to the hospital we go! we arrived and the nurse had her swaddled up tight. it was such a precious sight as she laid there looking so peaceful. like a little angel. the nurse, however, told us that right before we got there, baby jemma had made a poopie and was mad...that her little legs and feet were flaring around, kicking off her blankie and as soon as she changed one, she made another. see my friends, this action alone is proof that this is definitely our child because her big sisters use to do the EXACT.SAME.THING. after hearing that story, we all had a good laugh. we joked about how jemma knew we were coming so she was going to get her business done and then immediately go into "angelic mode." which is what you are, sweet girl. we love it.also, they have started rotating the positioning of her head every two hours. reason being is so that she will have the perfect little round noggin once all the swelling has completely left. her future prom date will be much appreciative, i'm sure. she looks absolutely beautiful. furthermore, they turned the vent rate down even more to 27% of O2. her nurse said she's been having a really good evening and has already been fed three times today with 5 cc each time again through her OG tube...i can't wait to bottle and/or boobie feed, but they told us that this will take time once she learns how to suck, swallow, and breathe all at the same time considering every thing she has known has been through a tube in her mouth. also, they planned to take her off the ventilator tonight, but a sicker baby was about to be admitted so they plan to start in the morning. we picked up the girls at stacy house and then heated up the yummy poppy seed chicken and rice that maloney had made for us. it was delicious and thank you to both stacy and maloney. we appreciate and love ya'll so much!

lastly, we want you to know baby jemma that your big sisters are missing you just as much as mommy and daddy are. in fact, abby has said that "since baby jemma's not home yet, we'll just pretend that this baby doll is her" she wraps one up in a blanket and then her and lyla both give it a kiss. melts my heart. you are definitely going to be spoiled with all these mini-wanna-be-mommies in this house.

oh, so jay's work surprised us by delivering a beautiful scrumptious gift basket full of fancy chocolates...and i may or may not have already eaten half of it. you know it's bad when you have to hide it on top of the fridge not only from your munchkins, but from yourself. don't judge me. we all know the healing effects that chocolate has. we were so very excited, impressed, grateful, and addicted. thank you, thank you! his company ROCKS, and we are continuing to appreciate all the help, thoughts, prayers, babysitting, prayers, dinners, gift baskets, and more PRAYERS!! ya'll support is nothing short of apologies for this blog post being all over the's been a long day and i can barely keep my eyes open. you can just ignore any grammatical errors, i'll letcha. :D


Monica said...

I love seeing that she is improving each day! Thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Kim said...

thank you, monica! xoxo