Friday, March 18, 2011

NICU: day 9

today sweet baby jemma had another productive day of getting better. she has tolerated her last couple of feedings well so they bumped her up to 12 cc through her OG tube. she's off her pain meds and all but one antibiotic and one antifungal (just in case). also, they tried for the third time and still couldn't get her PICC line in (poor baby) so they plan to keep the line in her belly and continue to increase feedings. jemma's head ultrasound showed no change and her swelling is waaaaayyy down even compared to yesterday. jay joked, "i knew she'd potenially have my big head, but didn't want that on top of all her swelling too." bless you, sweet child. now her O2 is under 30% via her nasal cannulas and they are slowly trying to wean her off of this as well. here's a picture of her sleeping soundly...snoring like her big sisters and daddy do...not mommy, no way, not me...we received this in the mail today. it's a card signed by the NICU staff at St. Vincent's East along with her footprints. everyone signed it with thoughtful words, prayers, and congratulations. it definitely brought a smile to my face and reminded me of how far she has come in just a week. we are very appreciative of everything thing did for sweet baby jemma and us.lastly, tonight i got to get out for a couple of hours for the first time in a very LONG time. i knew i needed/wanted/deserved some quiet "me/girl time" so off to bunco at mandy k's house i went. stacy, karla maria, and i all rode together and it was a much-needed low key calm night with great friends. we talked about our kiddos, made fun of our hubbies, and just simply chatted the night away. i even had my first glass of wine after being prohibited for so long. it was awesome. thank you ladies for a relaxing evening that's just what the doctor ordered for mommy.