Thursday, March 3, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) As soon as I switched out Lyla's earrings, she ran to big sis screaming..."Abby, I look cute!! I look cuuuuute!!" #LoveMyGirls

2.) Holy Moses, this windage is nucking futs!!! Please no trees land on my house... #PleaseOhPleaseOhPlease

3.) There's something spooky crazy about the little graveyard beside the #PawPawPatch. Looks like a family plot all with the same last name.

4.) Thankful for a neighborhood full of young kids so that mine can have fun playing with them all while I enjoy sitting on the back porch.

5.) Mabs gave neighbor boy a letter & skittles. He goes inside & gets her a rice krispy treat. She then gives it to little sis. #SharingIsCaring

6.) Although the #oscars are on right now, I'm more excited about my new deodorant. Something about a new scent under my armpits make me happy.

7.) After moaning when Lyla dumped a bag of pretzels on newly swept floor, big sis calmly tells me "you get what you get & don't throw a fit." Well then.

8.) Tita Karmie was the "mystery reader" at the mabster's school on monday. she read them a book titled "Gaston goes to Mardi Gras" and in the words of tita karmie, "they had to yell, "throw me something, mister!" because i didn't hand them out, i tossed them in the air and let the kids fight over them true mardi gras-style!" needless to say, abby was super excited. #Awesomatic

8.) Loves when the girls & I hear Daddy's garage door open & then immediately hide so that he can find us once he gets upstairs. #GoodTimes

9.) #Chick-Fil-A Riverchase is no joke. They have security directing me to a parking spot. #ImpressiveYetExcessive

10.) My kids like to lick each other. There is nothing good that can come of this...

11.) Phrase of the day while inside #BuyBuyBaby: "I want that!" And yes, we walked out of that store empty-handed and dodged meltdowns after each kid put back about 3 items each. #NowThatsImpressive

12.) Hubs took kiddos outside to play while he grills out some steaks. All would be right in the world right now minus this headache. #ProProCon

13.) Four hours, a bubble bath, & extra strength Tylenol later...this throbbing headache continues... #KillMeNow

14.) Just arrived home from my 1st pregger scare at L&D floor & now we're watching #OneBornEveryMinute. Mindset wise, I think I'm ready...

15.) Had a crazy tornado dream last night & now we're under a watch. Bad weather scares me. #MommyNoLikey

16.) Just got in, checked the mail, & opened Lyla's acceptance letter into 3K (REAL school) while Abby starts 5K (full-fledged uniforms, people!!) Now I'm getting amongst yourselves...My babies are growing up. **sniff-sniff**

17.) Trying to decide which is more fun a) watching my kids decorate the driveway with sidewalk chalk, or b) watching them being nearly blown away by this killer windage. Both are very entertaining.

18.) Desperately need to take maternity pics. When? I have no idea. #SlowDownWorld

18.) My girls are going to turn into cantaloupes. #YouAreWhatYouEat

19.) so quick wrap-up on the pregnancy front if you couldn't tell from my previous tweets: tuesday night my blood pressure spiked up. i monitored it, took my meds, but nothing was helping. it was unbearable. the day was full of go, go, go, and i should have known better. i apologize. i call my doc, he tells me to head to hospital. they monitor me and the baby. BP finally goes down, no protein in my urine, & jemma looks good. i'm sent home at 2:00am. wednesday rolls around & i'm still exhausted. now i have a doc appt today where i get to take home and endure the 24 hour urine test. exciting, right? i know you're jealous of my thursday night, don't lie.

20.) that said, this weekend karla maria and i had a beach trip planned to gulf shores for the ultimate relaxation before our babies get here. we were also going to meet up with karmie in mobile on saturday night for a mardi gras parade. due to previous events, this plan is most likely S.H.O.T. words cannot express how devastated i am about this. i've been looking forward to this for a LOOONG time coming. i'm aware it's for the safety & health of both me and jemma so i accept that with gratitude. but who knows, my doc may tell me relaxation is good and go for it...but right now, my expectations are far from up. oh well, we shall see....


Elizabeth said...

Oh no! I hope you don't have to miss your beach weekend!!! You deserve it! Love your Thursdays Thirteen :)

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

#7 cracks me up! :)