Thursday, March 31, 2011

thursday's thoughts

fair warning: i haven't done these in a really really long time. in fact, some are from before i gave birth to sweet baby jemma. i'll start with the oldest tweets to the newest...enjoy!

1.) I hereby solemnly swear that this house was clean before entering my shower. What my kids do to it while I wash my hair is not my problem.

2.) Headed for a pedicure before these little piggies are up in stir-ups...

3.) UABathletics: Jamarr Sanders scored 15 points and Aaron Johnson had nine assists to lead UAB to a 66-48 victory over ECU and the outright C-USA title. #GoBlazers

4.) Hubs totally rocked being Mr. Mom this weekend. He took care of the kids' every need & finished ALL of the laundry. #BlessedSpoiledThankful

5.) Hope I finally get some good sleep tonight because I'm so damn anxious as to what the doc will say tomorrow. #PeaceBeWithYou&AnExtraPieceForYou

6.) Heidi Montag said she's concerned for Charlie Sheen. If my Spring Break is half as rock bottom' as that sentence, I will die happy. #SGP

7.) my nose is so swollen that it'd make Bozo jealous. #ItsGoTimeB!tches #CantWaitToMeetBabyJemma

8.) I'm already calling my girls by the wrong name. Therefore, I am becoming my mother. #OneSlipUpAtATime

9.) Quote of the day directed towards my Hubs: "Hey big fella...why don'tcha com'er and massage my fundus." #HospitalFun

10.) This hospital tv remote has two volumes: 1) LOUD and 2) Off. Right now, I prefer the latter. #NightyNight #SleepTightBabyJemma

11.) "Even on my weakest days...I get a little bit stronger..." #PrayForBabyJemma

12.) 2 consecutive good days in NICU & now this exhausted mommy can't sleep. A blessing & a curse, but I'll take it. #ContinueToFightBabyJemma

13.) Dear Medela, I didn't really need my nipples. Go ahead, you can have them. #PumpingWithSeriousSuction

14.) Rascal Flatts' song "I won't let go" makes me whimper like a puppy who's tail just got stepped on...EVERY.TIME. #ContinueToFightBabyJemma

15.) Is fairly certain that an exorcism would be easier than extracting a splinter from my 4 year old. #HolyGuacamole #MommyNeedsMedication

16.) RT @anjeanettec: Some people just want to watch the world burn. Others just want to escape. I'm watching Real Housewives of OC. Killing two birds, people.

17.) it's nearly 11:00pm and hubs is currently outside putting together the girls' new trampoline. Simply couldn't wait to do so until the morning. #DaddyWantsToBounceToo

18.) My sleep cycle is whack, yo. #Insomnia #BooHiss

19.) Just schooled my kids with a quick color lesson by urinating in fresh clean toilet (ie, blue water + yellow pee = green result) #GeniusMommy

20.) hells bells. my internet connection is so painfully slow, i'd rather dig my eyes out w/ a dull spoon than upload pics to #Blogger right now.

21.) "picture pages, picture pages, time to get your picture pages, it's time to get your crayons and your pencils..." #Delirious #BillCosbyRocks

22.) So verrrry verrrry cold, yet I sit here in flip flops with the heat on. Isn't it ironic, don'tcha think? #SpringInTheSouth

23.) With every sentence and every made up song, my eldest daughter is obsessed with rhyming. #NeverEndingRhymeTime

24.) Thanks to #Netflix & friends, Hubs & I have recently discovered the tv series: The League. #IThinkImInLove #AbsolutelyHilarious

25.) Not sure which one is worse: A) Having to wear a bra while you sleep or B) Waking up in a pool of your own breastmilk. #TheUglyTruth

26.) I prefer to type in all lowercase letters, yet my handwriting is always in all uppercase letters. Odd, no? #100FactsAboutMe

27.) i just finished pumping & now it's nearly 4am...tomorrow has a full on recipe to SUCK. @Mommatootoo odds is discussing it at nearly 3 am!

28.) "Where there is great love there are always miracles." ~Willa Cather #MissingMySweetBabyJemma

29.) the nan likes to surprise us with yummy home-cooked meals. she'll call me up, tell me she's making xyz, that she's never made it before so she has no idea how it will turn out (which btw, it's ALWAYS awesomely delicious), and if we would like carryout from her house. of course my answer is always "YES!" so i then phone up jay and he picks it up on his way home. it's wonderful. i love these phone calls because they are yummy meals that i didn't have to cook myself. thank you, nan. we love you! xoxo

30.) You know it's a good day when you let your friend know that you're ready to have your kid back, but they want to keep her longer. #WinWin

31.) Clearly not skipped a meal, but yet I'm 16 lbs down from pre-pregnancy weight. Who'dathunk stress & breastfeeding would look so good on me?

32.) My first born has a show & tell "Talent Show" at school on Friday. Wonder if it would be frowned upon if she brought her #MarioKart to play?

33.) Conflicted: I like my sleep, but I love my late night computer "me time" more. #WhatsAGirlToDo?

34.) i love my kids and their quirks. they all have them. some times abby likes to put her arm behind her back and under her shirt when she's in the car because "she's hot." lyla likes to play dress up and change clothes at least 10 times a day. i only wish i was kidding. i don't even fold the clothes in her drawers any more because it's pointless. up until recently, she has also started wearing big girl panties over her pants. she only does this while at home and it makes me laugh.


Elizabeth said...

LOL! You've still got Thursdays Thoughts on lock, girl!!!