Thursday, April 28, 2011

the aftermath...

April 27, 2011, the deadliest tornado day in Alabama since March 21, 1932, and possibly one of the five deadliest tornado sprees in U.S. weather records.


The death toll from the April 27 tornado outbreak has risen to 355 people dead.
The National Weather Service also reported 211 confirmed tornadoes on that horrible day.
There were the most deaths in Alabama, with 254 deaths reported.
Tennessee and Mississippi each with 34 deaths.
Georgia with 15 deaths.
Arkansas- 11 deaths.
Virginia- 5 deaths.
Kentucky and Louisiana each had 1 death.

the same cell that produced the F5 tornado that touched down in tuscaloosa made its way through fultondale (located one exit before ours). the beast was over a mile and a half wide. here are some pictures that were taken throughout the f'dale area that are so close to home for us...these next couple of pictures are very important to me and jay's family. this next picture is of the "blue house" where jay's family use to live when i very first met him. i'll never forget the night jay invited me over on 4th of july to hang out in the hot tub that was on his mom and dad's back porch. i'll also never forget the many family dinners we all ate in their kitchen, watching auntie jess sing and dance with her hairbrush downstairs in her room, and the many christmases spent opening presents in the front room. funny thing is, is that while they lived there many years ago, nana lin always told papa john that he needed to cut down the big oak tree that was so close to the front of the house. it was never done. thanks to the devastating recent tornado, this is what the blue house now looks like. it's hardly even recognizable...furthermore, the biggest devastating impact that the tornado had was on the douglas' family business "Home Field Sports Bar and Grill." this place has been there for 21 years and many many wild nights and family celebrations during the holidays have been spent there. again, when i first met jay, he was a bartender there. i would skip out on the occasional frat party on the weekends just to sit in the corner on the bar stool and have him feed me my jager bombs. also, i use to work lunches there throughout my college career while in nursing school. ahhh, we were so young, but the memories still feel fresh.

their building had some major damage. jay said that it looked like someone picked up the roof, tossed and twisted it in the air, and then placed it back down. all the windows were busted and the inside was a mess. friends and family came to help clean up and pack up the memorabilia that was hanging on the walls. after boarding up the windows, nana lin spray painted on the front one, "we will be back!" and that they will. even bigger and better, my friends. here are some pics...that last picture is an ariel viewpoint of home field and the doodles that was beside it. here's what nana lin had to say...

"Thankfully no one was hurt, but it's really hard standing in the rubble of a place where every brush stroke, every nail, every piece of wood stained was by your own's like losing a child, 21 years gone in 30 seconds."

lastly, this was the shot special the weekend before the tornado hit. it was still drawn and visible on the board. isn't it ironic...don'tcha think?...


Emily Fields said...

In the picture of Doodle's where everyone was sitting, that was a group of me and a few of my friends taking a break after going through the wreckage of my Uncle's resturant, a very devastating day. If you have anymore pictures of the resturant would you mind emailing then to me? My email is Thanks!