Monday, April 11, 2011

baby jemma's homecoming!

after enduring a night in the hospital rooming in with sweet baby jemma, we woke feeling like "we've still got it." you riding a bike. you think you won't remember, you're still a bit nervous although you won't admit it, but once you just get out there and take care of business, it just comes naturally. so that's what we did. throughout the morning, we met with more specialties to schedule our follow-up appointments, etc. the last person to talk to us was the nutritionist and then later, the surgeon came to pull out jemma's cv line. our bags were packed and we were ready to go. here are some pics of what two sleepless parents look like...i hope i never have to sleep on a ledge in the hospital ever again. my back is still killing me.later the nurse clinician arrived and jay and i performed CPR and the maneuver for helping a choking baby on the inflatable doll. she gave us a folder full of valuable information, then walked us down to our car to double check the installation of baby jemma's car seat. we gave hugs goodbye and thanked everyone for all their help throughout the last month. it was a bittersweet farewell.

next, we headed over to lola and pawpaw's house to pick up abby and lyla. they were soooo excited to see their baby sister. after washing hands, they talked to her and held her hand. they clearly didn't want to leave her side the first few hours of being around her. we packed up our three girls in the back seat of my car and it was such an adorable sight. thank god for big bertha's third row seating because the first two are definitely preoccupied. here are some pics...while driving up to our house, we notice two pink balloons attached to our mailbox in which stacy had surprised us with. so sweet and definitely a perfect "welcome home" gesture. thank you, stacy! so we begin to unpack our bags and organize all the freebies that the hospital gave us (yay!). then we immediately found the scissors for the cutting ceremony of our NICU wristbands that have annoyed us since day one. it was kinda funny how the removal of such a simple thing felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off of you.

then our doorbell rang. the girls excitedly opened the door to see their favorite neighbors (maegan, zach, and tyler) standing there with surprise gifts for each of them including one for baby jemma. again, everyone's thoughtfulness just simply amazes us. thank you guys so much. we are blessed to have such awesome neighbors. lastly, all three girls fell asleep early tonight. sweet baby jemma even fell asleep on daddy for awhile as he napped as well. overall, it feels wonderful to finally all be under the same roof. our douglas party of five is here to stay. goodnight, all. xoxo


The Badyrkas said...

I know yall are so happy to have that sweet baby at home... she's such a doll!!

Monica said...

Welcome Home! I know that it was the birthday gift you prayed for!

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

So many comments I could leave - where do I even begin?
SO HAPPY that Jemma is finally home with you all!!
Made me smile to see you cut off the NICU bracelets :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE her coming home outfit!!!!
The picture of all three of your precious girls sitting together is wonderful and beautiful!

Welcome Home Beautiful Jemma!!!