Tuesday, April 19, 2011

family birthday dinner

tonight we had dinner plans with jay's side of the family at nan's house in honor of my birthday that was last thursday. everyone met at 6:00pm and nan made some yummy spaghetti with bread sticks. we sat down, ate, and chatted. soon it was time for dessert where nan made an orange cake and jay brought a variety of cupcakes from dreamcakes (one of which is "over the moon" and is currently my favorite. abby says it's because it's blue and she knows that's my favorite color. also, it was sweet baby jemma's first dinner at nan's and she did this for awhile...after dinner, i opened my gifts and then everyone sang "happy birthday" to me as all the kiddos helped me blow out the candles. then we took our traditional fingers picture to display my age. thankfully, there were three kids there displaying all of their fingers...that's how you know you're getting old. not to mention, the way they are holding their hands up, it looks like they're going on a roller coaster ride...hellllooooo 30's!!!the night was topped off with the guys building nan's trellis for her garden while abby, lyla, and cousin hudson rolled down the back of her hill. all that was missing was a slip-n-slide. it was a great birthday dinner. thank you to all!