Tuesday, April 19, 2011

fun with tita karmie

this morning, tita karmie called and said she was coming over since she was in the area. she arrived as i was getting the girls ready for abby's dance class when abby looks at her and asks, "are you going to take me?" (pause)..."and then we can go to vulcan again!!" how could she say no to those bright brown eyes? tita karmie agreed. abby squealed in delight. and i just laughed. tita karmie was then labeled an awesome aunt by abby...and a sucker by me. but seriously, i was so incredibly happy that tita karmie came by and took the girls out for a super fun day of play. here are some pics they took while visiting the buns of steel that overlook this beautiful magic city...after visiting vulcan, they went to pick up some "old mcdonald's" and ate at the nearby railroad park. they enjoyed the swings and played in the playground. then the girls saw the fun little water area and according to tita karmie, they just wanted to "dip their feet in." apparently, dipping your feet in meant searching for rocks at the bottom of the pond thus, making for two muddy drenched little girls. they came home a hot mess, but had the time of their life. all in all, thank you so much, tita karmie...not only did you make my kids super happy, but you gave their hot mess momma a much needed break to take care of their baby sister, one-on-one. we love you! xoxo


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

That last pic of the girls is precious!!!!