Friday, April 22, 2011

the great egg hunt

our friend stace hosted her annual easter egg hunt at her new house around 10:30am. it was a beautiful day for it and all the kids were excited. she split the kids up into age groups so that the hunt would be fair. the younger kids went first while in the backyard. then the bigger kids went last as they searched outside the fence on the side of the house near the creek. everybody racked up, and then later sat down on a blanket in the backyard as they searched through their sugary loot. here are some pics...once all the kids were settled and finished eating pizza, the easter bunny himself made an appearance. it was hilarious to watch as some of the munchkins were hesitant to sit on the ole big-eared bunny's lap. including my lyla. it took her watching a couple kids go before her until she finally gave it a go. also, some of the moms wanted our picture taken with said bunny too. because let's be honnest, how could we resist? loved it. thanks for having us, stace. it was a great time had by all!