Saturday, April 16, 2011

happy birthday, hannah!

saturday morning, abby and i got ready for what she calls a "mommy and me day." i'll be honest, i really do enjoy my one-on-one time with each of our girls and was looking forward to this. so we head out the door in honor of one of abby's classmates' 5th birthday party at her house. it was a "princess garden party" affair that started at 10:00am. we arrived and started partaking in the cute little craft that entailed making a princess out of a wooden spoon, pretty scrapbook paper, yarn, etc. all of the creations turned out super cute. it's kinda funny how the girls started the project on their own, but by the end of it all, it's the mommies who are putting in that finishing touch to complete least that's how it was with me. but hey, i'm a sucker for arts-n-crafts as well. here are some pics...later all the girls sat down on a blanket in the garden while sarah read them the "princess and the pea" storybook. after finishing the story, she held up two peas which were used to play a cute little guessing game. she brought out two cushions in which each girl sat on and then had to determine which one the pea was under. surprisingly (hehe), every girl guessed correctly thus making everyone a true princess. this was cute to watch, i'll be honest.soon after, the girls danced around in a whimsical fashion all while bubbles floated around them. did i mention the weather was absolutely perfect? it was beautiful. later we gathered up the girls and headed to the front yard for a group picture (see hannah's mom blogs and enjoys taking pictures too. this makes me smile). while we were all in the front yard, easter eggs were being hidden in the back garden. once everything was ready, all the princesses headed back in search of 3 eggs each. when the hunt was over, everyone opened their eggs to reveal some super cute jewelry. then we all sang happy birthday and enjoyed cupcakes. it was a great party. happy birthday, hannah!