Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter 2011

this morning, the girls woke up bright and early. it's been a whole week since they've consecutively stayed in their big girls beds all throughout the whole night. it's been absolutely wonderful. where was i? so they both run screaming to our room that the easter bunny came. words cannot express how excited they were. in the words of abby, "i woke up then woke lyla up and told her, "let's go see if the easter bunny came" and we went to the den and he did!! come look, momma, come look!!" the excitement was infectious although the bed was oh-so warm. jay and i both walked over half-asleep to see what the "easter bunny" had left for them. even baby jemma had some goodies awaiting her. here are some pics...after breakfast, we all got ready for church. every year it's tradition to attend my old elementary school's catholic church with my family. we grew up in this church and to this day, it still feels like home. during the mass, it made me realize and appreciate the real meaning of easter. about Jesus' sacrifice for our sins and his resurrection. it also made me think about everything we've recently been through with our sweet baby jemma and made me so very appreciative of how blessed we are. i had to thank God repeatedly because she is definitely our miracle baby. also, the girls were well behaved as we walked down the aisle as a family to receive communion. after mass was over, we congregated outside on the grass, talked with some old friends, and let the kids play. all in all, it was a wonderful easter. hope you and yours enjoyed it too!


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