Friday, April 1, 2011

NICU: day 23

today, abby went to school while lyla had a fun playdate with claire bear. we met auntie maloney in the chappy's parking lot, switched out our kid and car seat, and off they went while jay and i enjoyed lunch together. throughout our lunch, we talked about jabbin' jemma considering jay just left the hospital from a quick visit. he said that she is looking so good now. i could see the excitement on his face and it was beginning to be a great start to the weekend.

lyla and claire bear's fun day consisted of lunch at chick-fil-a, and then auntie maloney took them to the dollar store where they got to pick out a couple of surprises (cute purse stamp set and a painting kit). they even got one for big sis who was very excited to have it once we picked her up at carpool after school. here are some cute are these two!?later in the day, jay came home from work and then stacy and i headed up to the hospital to see baby jemma for a quick visit. mitchelle and kids came over to our house to play as the guys grilled out steaks and fed the kids chips in our bed. awesome, right? they thought so.

meanwhile at the hospital, sweet baby jemma was sleeping so soundly. we didn't want to wake her up knowing we wouldn't be there for too long. the nurse reported earlier in the day that she is still trying to get the hang of bottle feeding, but doing fairly well. stacy had a gift for her which was a "guardian angel" that we hung on a pole beside her bed. it's a very sweet and thoughtful gift because now we truly feel as if her guardian angel is watching and protecting her all the time now. here are some pics...after our visit with sweet baby jemma, stacy and i headed to the store to pick up our favorite bottle of wine and a dish to share for bunco at laura's house. it was girls' night and we were quite excited. for some reason, tonight's bunco was filled with lots of lovin' and giggles and lots and lots of chatter. i haven't seen a couple of the ladies in awhile so it was good catching up. we seemed to talk about everything under the sun...there was never an awkward silence in the room, and that's how you know it was a good night. all in all, God bless playdates, sweet baby jemma, and bunco nights!