Saturday, April 2, 2011

NICU: day 24

saturday morning, we wake up, eat breakfast, and then head over to the hospital for a fun family day with the special little girl who has completed our family. we wheeled abby and lyla over the crosswalk in their wagon and headed up to the 7th floor. nurse jewelle was there and let us know that we arrived at a great time because it was time for her next feed and would i want to give it to her? ummm, but of course! this was my first time ever to bottle feed her so i was really glad the timing was in my favor. so i grabbed the trusty boppy, pulled up a big chair, and jay laid that sweet baby in my lap. jemma took to it great as big sisters helped me hold the bottle every now and then. they were so excited to "help" and patted her blankie every two seconds. after she finished the whole bottle, i burped her and let her snuggle upright and close to my chest. ahhhh, i haven't held her like that yet so it felt really nice. after a couple of minutes go by, daddy wanted to hold her...then big sis...then bigger sis. here are some pics...well wouldn't ya know, sweet baby jemma spits up all over herself while daddy was holding her. it wasn't pretty. the nurse and i decide to give her a bath while jay took big sisters downstairs to play in the playground. okay so laugh if you will, but i was actually a tad bit happy that this spit up occurred because it meant another first for me...first time to give her a bath!!! which by the way, she absolutely hated. i almost forgot how fast you gotta scrub in the little creases and the such because it's not pleasant. for the bather or the bathee. nope. not a pleasant experience at all. what made it funny though was when her nurse (knowing how much i love pictures) said, "oh, you need a picture of this. does jay still have your camera?" at which i replied, "you are SO right, will you check my purse!?" she did, and there it was. she took a picture for me and it completely validated why i love her NICU nurses so much. jewelle is a complete gem. after finally getting baby jemma settled by saturating her in yummy baby lotion and a fresh new onesie, she fell asleep. here are some pics...notice jabbin' jemma has a very healthy pair of tonsils, no?alrighty. so we leave the hospital and let jemma get her sleep. we're all starving for a late lunch and let abby decide on where we're going to eat. she only has two choices really: mexican or "old mcdonald's." today it was mcd's. we find the closest one which is only two seconds away and then on a whim, we decide to eat it, picnic style, at the railroad park which you can see while sitting in the drive-thru. off we go and like a kid, i'm giddy with delight. reason being, this park is fan-freakin-tastic! it has such a different appeal to it being that it's an open grassy knoll with little ponds, water fountains, and miniature play areas all in the middle of a busy magic city. we sat there in the grass as i gazed around and marinated myself with the beautiful sights. it was seriously a picture-taking person's dream. needless to say, i took a couple. well actually, quite a few but that's neither here nor there, right? :P here are some pics...