Sunday, April 3, 2011

NICU: day 25

today we had plans to meet up with a friend who volunteered to take some super cute newborn pics of baby jemma for us. supposedly, the best time to take these pics are within the first 10 days of being born. needless to say, i was pretty bummed that we missed that window being that jabbin' jemma was so sick. i just assumed we wouldn't get the awesome "professional" ones taken until after she got home. then a little angel inboxed me on facebook with an offer i couldn't resist. said she would be in town this weekend and well, read below:

I am volunteering with Pictures of Hope which is a nonprofit org that allows volunteer photographers to be available to families in the NICU nationwide. I have been wanting to do this for the last five yrs :)) Not always happy shoots, but at least the parents have their memories with pics. We can do her sweet little hands and feet in yours, your rings on her hands, close ups, you guys holding her, etc. We can add the pics to the ones you have and make a beautiful slideshow. Pick about three songs. I have some really awesome ones too I can suggest. And I will be glad to put it together.

ummm, you had me at hello.

so we met her up there and jemma's gem of a nurse, jewelle, was helping us out as well. oh, how blessed i am. seriously. the whole shoot went much more smoothly than i ever expected. the nurse was asking if we wanted this or that here or there, which outfit should we put her in, do we need another white backdrop?...dear god, it was nearly perfect. jess was working fast while jemma was sleeping, hanging rings around her toes-toes, making a heart shape out of her hands, draping her blankie around her and just being fantastic. we even had big sisters up there for awhile for a few family pics and everyone did as they were told. i just took one casual quick pic of sweet baby jemma on my measly point-and-shoot camera, but jess took the rest. she is working on them now, and i am oh-so anxiously excited to see how beautiful they turn out.

so if you're reading this...go to facebook and like, google and find: Bella Bebe Photography. do it. and do it now. you won't regret it if you ever use her.

i'll post a glimpse of her pics after i get them. right now, this is all i got on my camera. jemma, you looked beautiful today sweet girl. thank you for cooperating so lovely. who would have thought that not even a month old, mommy has already taken enough pics to complete a year long scrapbook? (that wasn't meant for you to answer, people :P) also, thank you SO much to both jess and our guys are awesome!after sweet baby jemma's first professional photo shoot was over with, abby begged and pleaded to go back to the railroad park again like the day before. luckily, daddy was able to entice her into eating on the outside patio at al's and going back home to put bathing suits on so that they could jump around on the trampoline with the water hose. she jumped on board so that's exactly what we did.the girls had a blast jumping around and trying to splash each other with the water hose. abby slipped and fell the minute she got on, landed straight on her face which totally drenched her, then jumped back up laughing. side note: jay and i started laughing first in hopes that she would find it funny and not cry. thankfully, she found the humor in it too and continued to jump and play. thank goodness because they spent a solid 3 hours jumping and prancing around in the water. later, our nearby neighborhood kids were selling lemonade and popcorn at their stand. they saw us and walked up to ask if we would like any. how can a mother say no? so i run in, grab some money, and let the girls enjoy their snack once they were done playing and drying off. good times, i tell ya. this weekend weather has been nothing short of amazing.