Monday, April 4, 2011

NICU: day 26

today, jay went to visit jemma during his lunch break and learned that they increased her feeds to 55cc and by mouth each time. she is no longer on oxygen which means the shnazzy little nasal cannula that wraps around her sweet face is finally gone...yippee for one more less tubing! hopefully she will get the hang of eating by bottle down to a T and the NG tube will be gone next. we are reminded about baby steps, but again are very hopeful and excited for her. they also performed another head ultrasound on her today to follow up on her shunt and will find out those results soon. here is a picture of daddy holding sweet baby jemma. he was so excited to have a better glimpse of her face now that she no longer requires the added oxygen.after jay came home from work, we all ate dinner and got settled in. shortly after, i headed down to the hospital for my one-on-one time with jemma while jay watched her big sisters and the basketball game. i arrived and her nurse let me feed her by bottle. she took the whole thing down and then i propped her up for some good ole' burping. it took her awhile, but finally towards the end, she let out two huge burps...i was almost worried that something else was going to come up since she has been spitting up some of her feedings. thankfully, nothing ever came out so i held her a little while longer. she slept the whole time as i hummed to her and watched the crazy scary weather outside her nearby window. later, the lightening had calmed down and i decided it was a good time to lay her back in her crib and whisper "i love you" and "goodnight." here is a picture i took on my camera...the quality is crappy because it was "lights out" time and i sure as heck didn't want to use my flash to wake her up. isn't she beautiful?


Suzanne said...

Kim I think she gets more and more beautiful every day! So happy she is breathing all by her little self now :)