Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NICU: day 28 (my actual due date)

this morning, i dropped off abby at school and then walked over to the parish hall where a few other parents and i were helping set up for her class's dinosaur assembly. we provided snacks, set up decorations, and had everything in theme and ready for the lady from the mcwane science center to come in and give a presentations about dinosaurs. lyla came with me and enjoyed sitting with big sister and her classmates. after the assembly, all three classes sat down for some snacks. everything ran smoothly and the kids enjoyed themselves. here are some pics...immediately after abby's assembly, lyla and i jumped in our car and headed over to lyla's nearby dance class. today was the day her class had to be dressed in their recital costumes for their individual and group pictures. so i get her dressed and ready there, and she looked beautiful. they danced for a few minutes and then headed over to the studio where pics were being taken. i can't wait to get both her and abby's pics back because the photographer has some mad skills with making them actually giggle with real smiles as opposed to the forced ones they sometimes give mommy. here's a picture of lyla in her dance costume...after lyla's dance class, we met up with daddy at the hospital to visit baby jemma and then later eat lunch in the cafeteria together. lyla was so excited to hold her baby sis again. i know she is going to be right by mommy's side wanting to help as soon as she gets home. it's amazing how little girls have that built in nurturing instinct. i just love it. after lunch, i ran some more errands and then picked up dinner from a friend. thank you, laura! later, nan phoned up to let us know she made us some yummy shrimp alfredo pasta with vegetables and a german apple cake. not to mention, jay's co-worker brought us a honey-baked ham and cheesecake that day as well. we snacked and picked at all of it and ate more leftovers today. everything was SOO yummy. here are some pics of our visit while at the hospital...later that night, i ran back up to the hospital to see my sweet angel again since they had planned to take out her NG tube after we left for lunch. i couldn't wait to see her fresh face with no more tubes attached and feed her by bottle. the nurse reported that jemma had a fantastic day. the OT fed her 75cc this morning. they discontinued her NG tube and changed her feeds to no less than every 4 hours. we met with her discharge nurse who discussed about rooming in with her one night before they discharge her. jemma is progressing so quickly and will hopefully be home before we know it. i rocked her to sleep and headed back home. goodnight, sweet baby jemma! xoxo