Thursday, April 7, 2011

NICU: day 29

today our cousins from atlanta drove over for a day trip because they wanted to visit sweet baby jemma. the girls were so excited to play with their cousins, hannah and elise, since the last time they saw each other was at the lake last year. they arrived at our house and then followed us to the hospital where jay and pawpaw were waiting for us. the guys watched the girls for us while maress and i headed up to the 7th floor to see baby jemma.maress and i got to hold her and talk about how well she is looking and progressing. later, maress went out to let pawpaw inside the NICU where he got to hold and rock jemma for the first time. soon after, the nurse let me feed jemma her 1:00pm bottle while jay, maress, and the girls all ate lunch inside the cafeteria. jemma fell asleep after eating so we all headed back to the house where the girls continued to play and jumped around on the trampoline before heading back to the maress and the girls left, auntie jess (who is also from atlanta) came into town for the weekend. she brought the girls a surprise that i just thought was the cutest things ever. they are called "scentsy buddies" and she got one for each of the girls. they are cute little stuffed animals with scent packs inside of them which encourage cuddly squeezes that smell SO yummy. abby received "mollie the monkey" who has the "camu camu" scent pack which smells coconut-ey and beachy. lyla received "lennie the lamb" who has the "sweet pea and vanilla" scent pack, and jemma received "penny the pig" who has the "newborn nursery" scent pack. they all smell sooo sweet, but my favorite is the newborn nursery's seriously like someone bottled up the newborn smell and turned it into a cute pink pig. it's perfect and the girls love them.auntie jess also gave baby jemma a book called, "dream big, little pig" by kristi yamaguchi (the olympic figure skating champion). it's an inspiring story that teaches young girls to dream big. to keep trying different things until you find a dream that really excites you. again, just perfect. this is why auntie jess is an awesome teacher. thank you, auntie jess...the girls love their surprises and mommy does too. we love you!okay so back to our sweet baby's a quick wrap-up of what we found out today: tomorrow morning we are meeting with her discharge nurse and neurology for some patient teaching. they are going to tell and show us what to do/look for while jemma still has a temporary shunt. sunday night, we are going to "room in" with her in one of the rooms across the hall just to get us comfortable with watching her for the first time all by ourselves. furthermore, so that we feel more comfortable with bringing her home. then if all goes well, they are planning on letting us take her home on monday!!!! how exciting is that!? YEP, just in time for my 30th birthday which is on about that being the BEST.PRESENT.EVER. needless to say, we are SOOOO incredibly excited. we've been waiting for this day for so long now and i can't believe it's finally going to happen. we were shocked and stoked when they told us the news today. GO, JABBIN' JEMMA, GO!!! what a tough little fighter you truly are!


Monica said...

Kim, I am so excited that Jemma is headed home soon! Definitely the best birthday present ever! Thinking and Praying for all of you! So excited about the good news!