Friday, April 8, 2011

NICU: day 30 (one month old!)

on this date one month ago, sweet baby jemma entered this big ole' world and has made an everlasting impression ever since. this morning, jay and i headed over to the hospital bright and early for some patient education before they plan to discharge her. doctors, nurses, occupational therapist, physical therapist, social worker, and practically anybody else who has walked the floor of that NICU came to talk to us. we sat there for nearly four hours as i held jemma and listened attentively. never have i ever been so thankful for my nursing background because everything seemed to be a great refresher course. later in the day after auntie jess surprised abby at school by being "the mystery reader," she came up to the hospital to hold baby jemma real quick before another person came to talk to us. here are some pics...after our busy morning of soaking up all the information, jay headed back to work while i picked up the girls from stacy's house. we all played outside for a bit. abby and lyla jumped on the trampoline with their auntie jess as they giggled constantly. also, it was pretty funny when auntie jess laid down and the girls jumped on her back immediately...they absolutely love to ride on backs since they make daddy do it all the time. furthermore, auntie jess had another surprise for baby jemma to wear once she gets home. they were cute little onesies with the words, "my auntie is #1." she said she could definitely claim this title since karmie and karla are called "titas" (meaning "aunt" in tagalog/filipino language). indeed, she is right.lastly, we spent our friday night (after the girls were asleep) cuddled up and watching the CPR, safety, and car seat videos that they supplied us with. pretty hot friday night, no? it was actually quite nice as i told jay old nursing stories that made us laugh. the funniest thing ever though is that now lyla has a new favorite baby doll in which she likes to reciprocate an open mouthed kiss. ding! nailed it. it's the CPR baby. she doesn't leave a room without it...