Monday, April 18, 2011

the ole switch-a-roo...

we've done a few re-arranging of bedrooms, beds, etc. within the douglas household as of late now that sweet baby jemma is finally home. needless to say, i took these pictures a long time ago, but was only reminded of them after hubs took a picture of lyla tonight all sprawled out in her new "big girl" bed.

anyhoo, a while back we bought two twin beds for abby's room. although abby likes to tell her friends that they are both hers, we knew that eventually one would be for her and the other for lyla once jemma started sleeping in lyla's old crib. (feel free to read that last sentence is a bit confusing. maybe the pictures will help.)

so i made a quick trip to hobby lobby, found some letters i liked, painted them to match her furniture, and viola, a whole new room with a simple name change and her own wreath that she received at the hospital the day she was born.although lyla's old room is now jemma's new room, we knew we wanted baby jemma close by our side at night so we bought a cute little portable bassinet that is located about two feet beside our bed. it is sooo convenient considering we can hear her every grunt/cry at night for easily half-awaken feedings that are required every four hours. also, we can transport the top of it from room to room and the bottom half can be used as a changing table. the one thing that was a big seller for us when purchasing this was that we knew it'd be perfect for when we spend our summer at the lakehouse on the weekends. overall, it's just simply awesome.lastly, i will leave you with a gem that jay posted to facebook which led to this post. the caption: Night #3 in her "big girl" bed. Daddy and mommy rejoice to have reclaimed their bed. my response: i never knew this much happiness existed. my kidneys are also thankful for no more swift kicks at 2am.

quite honestly, i think the picture says it all...