Sunday, April 10, 2011

"rooming in"

don't be surprised that i'm blogging right now while rooming in because let's be honest, there will be no sleeping tonight so might as well. plus, blogging makes me happy. say it with me..."happy wife, happy life." good job. now let's see...

this morning, jay and i dropped the girls off at lola and pawpaw's house where they planned to spend the night while we headed to the hospital for our first and hopefully last night of "rooming in" with baby jemma. reason being that we are doing this is so that we feel more comfortable with bringing her home. it's very normal for NICU parents to do this, especially if you are first time parents. no telemetry leads, bp cuff, or O2 sat lead were hooked up to her. this was her first time for being completely disconnected from everything so knowing we were still located within the hospital felt like a nice little safety net. we were given this opportunity and definitely wanted to test it out...who knows we could be a bit rusty and given her circumstances, if something happens at least we're in the right place. after all, it's been awhile since i've been knee deep in all things newborn.

we check in, the nurse shows us to our room and gives us all the things we need to call our small space "home" for a night. oddly enough, i feel like we're at camp or something...and i secretly love it. did i mention it's super quiet here? it's a mom of multiple children's dream. i digress. so we decide to give her a bath to help ease the removal of all her sticky tape and telemetry leads that she's been wearing for so long. she tolerated it well, and then we dressed her up oh-so pretty.soon after, it was time for her next feeding. she likes to eat every four hours and is taking about 80cc with each feed. needless to say, she made one hellavu monster poop that daddy so gladly let me change. sweet baby jemma wiggled around as she stretched, yawned, grunted, sighed, and performed all the other sweet little noises newborns make while i held her in my arms. later she fell asleep and jay held her as he watched golf for hours.we took some pics of her since we've never seen her so alert for so long. jemma's temperament is so incredibly sweet. she'll get mad for two seconds and then forget about it. they say NICU nurses help train your babies to be so easy going because after all, they've already been through enough. anyhoo, i just love this next pic. it's as if sweet baby jemma is saying, "forget this. let's blow this popsicle stand!" love, love, love.lastly, it's nearly 2am and i have to say, i'm really enjoying this. just don't ask me tomorrow afternoon when the caffeine from my copious amounts of diet mountain dew have worn off. furthermore, if you'd like to see what our sleeping arrangement looks like, here it is...awesome, right? luckily, i got the nice padded bench by the window while jay sleeps in the chair that turns into a bed. this is what happens when rock beats scissors. no worries, he was the winner of the multi-purposes "boppy" in which he uses as his pillow. the man is easy to please. and this is why i'm fairly certain that even if we tried, there will be no real sleep. sweet baby jemma on the other currently sleeping like the princess she is. all in all, if all goes well, we'll be discharged some time tomorrow afternoon. they plan to do a little more patient teaching about her nutrition, the doctors make their rounds around noon, and then hopefully we'll have a sweet baby in her carseat and headed for home sweet home!


Jamie said...

YEAH for cutting off that arm band!!!!