Thursday, April 7, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Major Annoyance: when you're at the end of your drink & all of a sudden the last bit of ice comes crashing down, spilling half of it on you.

2.) Happy Birthday Month to Me!!! #OneWeekUntilMyDirtyThirtiesBegin

3.) My tall one keeps telling April Fool's jokes. Trying to make her realize that they are only useful for a day. Not the whole month. #CornyKid

4.) RT @aldotcom: Railroad Park voted best new park in U.S. in web poll. #HoorayForBham

5.) Country music: where every now & then an artist will create a gem of a song. Then you have others that start with, "C'mon Homeboy." #Really?Seriously?

6.) The wasps & mosquitos have begun their attack. Would love to start swinging a bat at them, but fear neighbors may think I'm delusional...

7.) Love love love this weather. #EverythingsComingUpDaisies

8.) Can't wait to cut off this shackle that is my NICU wristband. #NotMuchLongerBabyJemma #WishingHoping&Praying

9.) Big sis takes away lil sis's ring. Lil sis cries & snatches it back. Big sis then fake cries as lil sis's screams back "Hush!!" #SerenityNow

10.) Sunbathing while my midgets play because we all know...tan fat is better than white fat. #UndoubtableSolidFact

11.) RT @capricecrane: I'd like to go back to a time when my biggest problem was Cap'n Crunch destroying the roof of my mouth.

12.) Already missing the end of make-up snow days dismissals. Mommy really enjoyed that extra 45 minutes. #ManicMonday

13.) Recently discovered that my wardrobe becomes more neutral the older I get. Am I more conservative or just plain boring? #ThingsThatMakeUGoHmmm

14.) If Hubs sings that damn "Friday" song one more time, I'm fairly certain that I'll duct tape that mouth of his. #IfYouCantDuctItFuckIt

15.) I refuse to buy a scented candle that smells like food. Because at least I won't have the urge to eat cotton sheets. #FreshyFreshIsBest

16.) April Fools on me...went to #OldNavy for new clothes for myself & ended up with lots for Hubs & one shirt for me. #RushedShoppingSucks

17.) One of my prouder parenting moments: Teaching my kids how to do "the cockroach" dance. #PrettyHysterical

18.) Would love to teach Hubs the class: How to pull hangers off the rack along with the shirt 101. #JobSecurityHmph

19.) Note to self: Do not go fakin' bakin' (aka tanning) while in the midst of a thunderstorm. Because when the power goes out, and yes, the power WILL go'll be left trying to find your clothes & get dressed in the dark. True story. In fact, it was hysterical. At first I thought they forgot about me & were closing up shop. So when all the lights went out, I screamed, "Waaaaaaiittt!!!!" I am still laughing.

20.) Hubs is playing the "Friday" song again. O to the M to the G. He is seriously trying to kill me. #WeWeSoExcited #EarsAreBleeding

21.) You know it's bad when your kid asks you to do something in which you're wavering on, but then seals the deal with, "C'mon Momma, don't you want to take pictures?" Well then. In that case...

22.) Has an unhealthy fear of car washes ever since Big Bertha jumped the tracks. #100FactsAboutMe

23.) Dear car wash vacuum cleaner, thanks for eating the button off my shirt. Who would have thought you'd still be hungry after having pretzels, goldfish, and every other nasty half-eaten snack on my floorboard.