Thursday, April 14, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) I am not a functional human being without caffeine. But even with it, things are still pretty questionable. #SGP

2.) Endured 4 hours of patient education at hospital today. My brain is going to explode, but momma's got this. #ThankfulForNursingBackground

3.) Watching my girls play "crack the egg" on the trampoline with their Auntie Jess. #AbsolutelyHysterical

4.) Spending our Friday night by watching a dvd on infant CPR. Because that's how we roll. Word. #BabyJemmasComingHome!! #Yay

5.) Watching old home videos and realizing that time truly does fly by in a flash. so as much as i b!tch when having a bad day, i know that it won't be like this for long. #EnjoyEachAndEveryDay #HoweverOccasionalComplaintIsOkay

6.) Really not trying to stroke Hub's already secure ego, BUT...I totally married up. Which says a lot because I'm pretty awesome. #Sucker #Hehehe

7.) RT @capricecrane: "Jersey Shore Cast Gets Six-Figure Raise" No wonder other countries hate us.

8.) I eat way more than I should, and way less than I want. #SGP

9.) If I had a nickel every time I told my girls, "Don't touch the baby, let her sleep" I could pay for a week long Disney vacation. #OverlyExcitedBigSisters

10.) Trampoline: Best purchase for the girls that we've made in a long time. #WhyDidWeNotDoThisSooner?

11.) I swear I have never been so concerned with every grunt, move, or stretch that this baby makes. I feel like a first time parent. #RoomingIn

12.) Watching #RiverMonsters and vowing on all things holy to avoid ungodly dark rivers in the Amazon. #NoJoke

13.) Recently discovered that I partied & studied with Jemma's night nurse during our freshman year at UAB together. #SmallWorldIndeed

14.) Left eye is starting to twitch. Signs point to...No.Sleep. #MadeMyBedNowLyingInIt

15.) Baby hiccups: The sweetest thing in the world. #Fact

16.) RT @kimberlyfarr: Dear gas prices: suck it.

17.) "We can do this, we can do this, we can do this" Perhaps if I say it enough, it will deem to be true. #ParentingWith3 #BuckleYourSafetyBeltsGonnaBeAWildRide

18.) Really needs to start exercising for two reasons: 1) I love food way too much. 2) I want to be a MILF when I grow up. #HealthyReasonsRight?

19.) Dear Alabama weather, thanks for crazy scary wind that threw our trampoline from backyard to top of neighbor's car across the street. Swell. #InvestInSandbags

20.) Sad Day for our girls. Demolished trampoline. Back to the basics of digging in dirt. #WoeIsMe #LotsOfBathTime

21.) Dear #Costco, you have perfected the chicken salad wrap. Dear #Zoe's, don't hate me. Yours is still awesome too. #YummyYumilicious

22.) The eldest daughter is addicted to mini pancakes. In true Brick Heck fashion from #TheMiddle, turn head down & whisper "Addicted."

23.) This is the week of appointment after appointment. Four Week Follow-up, Doctor, Pediatrician, and Hair. #SavedTheBestForLast #ReadyForTheWeekend

24.) Well, we're finally heading home with sweet baby Jemma!! That said, we'd like to thank God, the medical staff, family, & friends who have all helped with skillful hands, thoughts, prayers, babysitting, dinners, encouragement, & everything in between. We definitely couldn't have pushed through this journey without the support of you all. We love you guys!! Xoxo

25.) Today I embark into a new dirty thirties. Hubs asked what i wanted and I told him, "ice cream cake and a bottle of reisling." He thought I was kidding. Funny how age has changed me. #3Before30HasRenderedMeExhausted #HappyBirthdayToMe!


Elizabeth said...

Judging by the post above mine, you have a new friend ;) Joey is obsessed with SGR tweets. Love them!